Monday, 22 December 2014

My Fitted fur Gilet

Fur Gilet - Zara | Jumper - Mango | Belt - New Look | Culottes - Topshop |  Hat and Bag - River Island (sold out see similar) | Boots - Missguided  

If you follow me on Instagram, I made this outfit out on the floor last week, but used black culottes instead. When I put the the whole outfit on, I just couldn't bare being so dark! I feel so dull in all black. So my Topshop berry culottes really helped to add some colour to this look! I'm wearing the petite culottes for this one, because they didn't have the standard ones in stock, but I'm not fussed! I just love the colour of these! 
The Zara fur gilet is PERFECT for adding a belt because it actually had a waist seam going all the way round it. It makes the New Look belt sit better. I would happily wear this gilet without the belt, but I just wanted to experiment by making it look fitted for a change. It's a classy, but cosy look, and the Mango jumper is the perfect length and thickness. 
The accessories really help to put the cherry on top! The River Island bag is admittedly my sisters! She bought it recently, so have a look in your local Rivers if you fancy it. One thing which is nice about the bag is that they have made the face of the bag on both sides? I could flip the bag around, and it has a black face, but it doesn't look like its the wrong way round if that makes sense!? 
If i'm not wearing my knee high boots, then I'm probably wearing these Missguided black booties! They are super comfy and have been long lasting! 

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