Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Luxury Snake Print

Coat - Topshop  |  Jeans - Topshop old  | Bag - River Island  | Boots - Primark | Jumper - Missguided  (similar) 

What have I learnt after taking these photographs.. 1. I seriously need to re dye my hair, the red has got soooo faded! 2. Always put my camera settings back to default after finishing a shoot (these photographs are all on the wrong damn setting ffs). 3. Don't take photographs after a gym workout. The tiredness hit me like a ton of bricks and I forgot to wear my bottom eyeliner! Oh well! Rant over! 

This Topshop coat though! Oh my word it is GORGEOUS! I wasn't sure what to think to start with, but the more I was looking at it in the fitting room, the more I was convinced to purchase this beauty. I love the tones of grey and this is literally one of a kind. I'm not even a fan of snakes! But the colours are practical and I'm a sucker for all things statement! 
In this shoot I'm wearing Topshop leigh jeans. I haven't worn leigh jeans in ages and I don't miss them! It felt so odd wearing low rise jeans!?! Get me back in my Joni! Joni's are high waisted and super stretchy and super comfy! 
I decided to keep the rest of the outfit cosy and casual by wearing my Missguided roll neck and my new River Island bag. I love the croc detail! It's the perfect size bag and it's easy to dress for a classy or casual look. 
The Primark booties completed this look for me! I love that the colour goes perfectly with the coat and love the pointy shape. If you look in the last photo, you can see that there is a gold section on the inside of the heel which is subtle but makes them look designer! I think they were £22 but they are limited edition. Worth it by far!

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