Thursday, 6 November 2014

Smart in Burgundy

Top // Topshop 
Jacket // old (see similar and cheaper here
Trousers // Missguided 
Bag // Missguided 
Boots // ASOS

Oh my gosh you have no idea how much of a shock it is for the days to become shorter. I was taking photographs with my mum today and we had to stop at half 4 because the lighting was getting crap. Baring in mind it is going to get darker as the days go by still! It so depressing. 
Luckily I took these photographs when the sun was out! I bought this white Topshop blouse a couple of weeks back but have never got round to wearing it. It's like a fancy roll neck top! The fit of it is gorgeous and it's a nice flattering length. The only thing I'm unsure of is the length of the sleeves?   Hence why Ive worn the Missguided sleeveless jacket so you can see what the sleeves are like. Let me know your thoughts because I'm unsure! The jacket does the job though and I think everyone should own a sleeveless smart jacket, because they are so easy for layering and are easy to dress up or down. 
I love the colour of the Missguided trousers! They have other colours also such as khaki  , grey and black  which are soooo tempting to get! Once you love something it gives you more of an excuse to buy the same item in other colours! 
I was also after a black fluffy clutch and I'm so glad I came across this one! I love that it also has the chain because I sometimes get bored carrying a bag on nights out. Im surprised I haven't lost my clutch bag on a night out because I'm always leaving it somewhere!
The ASOS shoes are admittedly my sisters! I love the strap detail but it's more of a wintery boot because it doesn't have a peep toe? Debating on styling them with frill socks hmmm.. 
I'm trying to challenge myself and I'm on a mission to really cut back on what I type in my blog posts. So for the future, my posts will be shorter and hopefully more 'quick read' material because I really want to stop waffling like I'm doing right now! Hope that is okay with everyone! 
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  1. I too love the colour of your trousers, they match your hair perfectly haha. I actually like the sleeves on the shirt, it makes the whole look more relaxed but you've done the right thing by layering it with the sleeveless jacket. Basically I love the whole look, great post.

    Kirsty X

  2. Loove the colour of your trousers - absolutely perfect for A/W :-) I like the sleeve length too btw, keeps the look slightly casj (i never know how to spell that?) You look great!!

  3. Love those trousers and the way you styled them.
    Great look


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