Sunday, 16 November 2014

My Motel Xmas Party Outfit and photos from the night!

Dress // Motel on Asos 
Coat // Topshop old (similar / similar
Boots // River Island 
Bag // Newlook 

Hey peeps! 
So last week I attended the Motel Xmas Party which was held in London at the 'Far Rock Away' restaurant. I will just quickly chat about this outfit, then move onto what happened on the night! Is that okay with everyone? Good! I shall begin...! 
I literally picked this outfit out last minute! Thank god for Asos premier! I had a look on their website the night before and came across this gorgeous sequinned t -shirt dress that was also coincidentally by Motel! 
The quality is spot on! I'm wearing the medium and it's the perfect fit. I will definitely wear this loads over the xmas season and I love that it goes nicely with my red hair! I feel very festive in this look! 
The only thing I can say I dislike is the length... I COULD NOT WEAR THIS AS A DRESS! You can see how short this is on me (I'm 5 ft 8), and yes I am wearing leather runner shorts underneath. It was the only way I could get away with wearing this! 
God love my Topshop fur bomber that I bought last year, it made me feel glamorous in the chilly London weather! I think every girl should own a furry coat and black will obviously go with everything. The Newlook clutch bag did the job for the evening went nicely with the green dress. 

Okay! Onto the party info! The venue was the perfect party setting with sofas, an open dance floor and a section to play BEER PONG! 
Champagne & drinks was given out throughout the night and there was plenty of things to do to keep us all occupied for the night! Features included
-pick and mix stand
- Hair braiding (times when I wish I had long hair!) nail designs, and glitter tattoos! 
- A selfie mirror (which included tons of funny wigs and props to make your selfies stand out! 
- A touch screen printer to then print the photographs!  
- And lots of Motel clothing to have a mooch through! 

Any photographs we uploaded to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag 'motelrockstheparty', we could view and print on here! 

THANK YOU to the Motel Crew and the peeps at the Far Rock Away restaurant for such an awesome  and fun night! 
All of these photographs from the Motel night are by the photographer Dylan Myers
x x x x


  1. Wow love the look - so festive! (I very nearly typed 'so fetch' then by mistake, so that too!) and the party sounds like such an awesome night! xo

    LJLV | UK Personal Style

  2. This dress is such a gorgeous colour & goes with your hair so well! I really love your blog and it's fast becoming one of my favourites!

    Emma at

  3. What an outfit! We love it! I mean sequins, faux fur AND thigh high boots?! We're in!


  4. I loved your outfit Laura & it was so great to meet you! :) So weird meeting someone when you've been following their blog/insta for so long, but you were super lovely :)

    Gabby xo

    Blog - What She Buys / Instagram / Twitter

  5. Looks like you had a great time. Stunning look, the dress, the coat, the boots everything is just perfect! Love your makeup, beautiful.

  6. I love this dress! The Motel party looked so fun! xx


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