Monday, 3 November 2014

Keeping it classy in Bristol!

Jacket // Topshop
Culottes // Boohoo
Top // Asos
Shoes // River Island 

Hey all ! 
Okay so for a change, I decided to wear a very simplistic outfit. I did feel like something was missing though! So I have listed a few bags and other accessories that could have gone with this look if you would rather build this outfit up more. But I didn't mind this look and enjoyed wearing it! I think people were looking because it was quite chilly that day and I'm obviously not wearing a coat! But I find the chilly weather to be refreshing sometimes and would have got too warm in a coat! 
Okay I will start with the Boohoo culottes. I'm. In. LOVE! I find culottes to be very flattering and loved the bold print on these when I saw them online. Monochrome is a favourite of mine in the A/W season so I knew I would get loads of wear out of these, because they go with so many nice autumnal colours. In this instance, I wore khaki. I can't wait to wear them with a burgundy coat that I have. I also have a grey roll neck jumper? They are a statement pair of trousers and they fit so well and are very comfortable once on. There is a matching top also which I haven't got round to ordering but I am tempted! The set together would look lovely! 
The Topshop Khaki waist jacket is blooming lush! They do a white one and a black similar one. Its such a lush length and it's a very versatile item for the wardrobe. One thing I'm not a fan of is that the jacket doesn't have a hem.  It means the edge of the jacket is rough and could possibly look tacky to some. Its blatantly the design, but you can't see this flaw from afar, only close up. I can just about live with that ^^
The white Asos top just helped to make this look simplistic. I didn't need anything special because I wanted the jacket and the culottes to be the statement. However we need these plain items in our wardrobes to make outfits like this, and we shouldn't take them for granted! 
I've worn these River Island boots so many times since purchasing them and they are literally my favourite ankle boots so far this autumn. It's so tempting to get them in the black and the blue also because they feel sturdy and are a lush quality! I think they are also pretty affordable and should last me for the whole winter period. I wore my burgundy shoes with this look because they do match my hair (you do have to think of these things!!) and I think the outfit needed a strong colour even if it does clash with the khaki slightly. 

Okay below are the photographs of the outfit AND potential accessories and bag that could complete this look! Hope you like :)


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