Friday, 3 October 2014

Tartan and Shearling..

Jacket // Missguided 
Boots // Missguided 
Top // Boohoo
Jeans // Topshop
Scarf // Topman old (see similar)
Bag // Newlook
Corr blimey my Mum and I had a mammoth day today taking photographs.  Five hours to take 4 outfits? It's actually stupid that it takes that long to take photos, but when you consider all the little things like neatening make up, re applying hair spray, changing an item last minute, finding the right location and sorting the lighting out?!? It adds up! I feel good though to have such a productive day, and it means I can focus on other things for the days ahead! 
I wanted to keep this outfit very casual. So yeah, this outfit may not be your favourite. But I'm not a personal style blogger. I focus on just trying to be fashionable and I think this is a cosy, laid back outfit for any day out! Trust me when I pop down to the post office or supermarket, I will literally wear a baggy top and jeans, so I have put effort into this one, compared to what I wear on a rough day haha! 
This jacket is just gorgeous! Do size down though if you purchase this! I'm wearing the size 8 and it is the perfect fit! It feels a lovely quality, although I think it is slightly thin material. To be honest I don't mind that as I get boiling in winter clothing so the lighter, the better! One thing you do have to be careful with, and this goes towards any shearling collared jackets is your make up! Try and be careful applying make up on your jaw line because I had a jacket similar to this last year and it got ruined! There was a pinky foundation line going around the neckline from my blooming make and not even vanish spray was able to get rid of it! Wearing a scarf will help prevent make up on the jacket. You might be okay though I should wear less foundation to be honest! 
I especially also love the Missguided boots. They are so comfy and they are the perfect ankle boots for casual days out, and they are flat! 
I know the top isn't very visible in the photos but I do want to say that they are the perfect basic! I was after some long sleeved tops that were flattering, and whats great about this one is that its slightly floaty at the bottom. You will see what I mean if you click on the link but they will be perfect to wear with all of these capes about, and they are easy to layer! Plus they have loads of colours so I had to buy the black and the grey whilst I was at it! They are worth every penny, and they aren't that many pennies to be fair! 
I really want to experiment more with my photography and do almost magazine editorial shots? Hence me sitting on an electrical box! It's a start. I just find standing and posing all the time very samey for you me and of course, for you lot seeing the photographs! So I will definitely try to be more creative with my photographs! Let me know what you think of this idea :) 
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  1. Love this outfit! It's perfect :) It's made me remember that somewhere in my flat there is a gorgeous tartan scarf that I need to dig out!

  2. I love the new style of photography, and may I just say your eyeliner is on point in these photos!! Gorgeous outfit as well, I love the Missguided boots and the jacket looks so cosy :) xo

    LJLV | UK Personal Style

  3. just perfect!!! flawless styling laura xox

  4. Such a lovely casual outfit! I love the jacket and scarf!

    Zandra // AZTEC DOLL Fashion & Beauty Blog


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