Monday, 13 October 2014

Outfit for the Cosmopolitan Awards!

Cape Blazer // Boohoo 
Blouse // River Island 
Bag // River Island
Culottes // Necklace // Bangle // All Topshop 
Shoes // Miss Selfridge 

Hey everyone! 
I literally only had 10 minutes to spare to take these shots, before dashing off to the bus stop! What was worse was that it was slightly spitting with rain and it was windy! I hope you can't tell in those photos but that was the only time I could take them...otherwise I would of had to dress up all over again on another day to re take the outfit. 
I was happy with this look! I felt comfortable and classy. On the invite it literally just said, 'dress to impress'. Don't know why, but I really wasn't in the mood to go dressy? I think it's because I planned to do some errands on Oxford Street beforehand and wanted to not look over dressed ha! I mean this could have been a really stylish office outfit I suppose! 
These culottes are a blooming MUST! I can't decide now which ones I prefer my leather ones, or these!? I'm wearing the petite because I prefer mine to sit on the knee, but thats just a personal preference! The ones in core are the same price as the petite but will obviously sit way below the knee. They are just a gorgeous colour for autumn, and I know that I will get so much wear out of these through winter! 
The cape is a win! It would make sense to buy a blooming formal version when I have been loving all these casual capes this month! Okay so it's not very practical in outdoor, windy conditions, but as soon as I was inside I got so many compliments! Its sits so nicely. I think if I wore a standard blazer then I would have looked like an office person! But this is a more stylish laid back version, but smart at the same time. Major must have! 
The River Island bag is gorgeous! I admit Im folding it in the photograph, because it is rather big to be used as a clutch bag. But it did the job well when it was folded! It's a lovely size. Plus they do it in other colours as well. It's so tempting to get the black! 
I really really wished I took photographs at the event. But I admit I don't have any! I was so nervous before they announced the awards, I was just focusing on talking to people and trying to take my mind off it all. I don't know why I get so wound up. The bus journey felt like the longest journey ever! To be honest it still hasn't hit me! It's a great feeling, but so surreal at the same time!? I was shaking so much afterwards, and I think I got so nervous about it, that it was almost a relief to finally know..and TO WIN! Eeeep! 
The event was lovely though, MUA were there giving girls make overs, Remington were there to style peoples hair, countless cocktails, and a cupcake stand! 
My followers on here and on Instagram have been amazing and I couldn't thank you enough. I'm chuffed that the judges thought there was something special because they made the final decision, it wasn't all about the votes, the judges panel were 50% of the vote. 
Youtube is definitely going to happen, and I would like to at some point give my blog a winter theme template! One thing at a time Laura! 
Love you guys <3>



  1. Gorgeous outfit and well done on winning the award! Totally deserved, your blog is fab <3

    LJLV | UK Personal Style

  2. I love the cape blazer! Also, I'm so envious of your hair - I could never pull off a style like that!
    That's so cool that you won an award, congratulations!

    Zandra // AZTEC DOLL Fashion & Beauty Blog


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