Sunday, 12 October 2014

How I'd wear a midi skirt ... (yes this is new for me!)

Jumper // Missguided 
Skirt // Missguided 
Bag // Asos old (I almost wished I had this bag for the outfit though! click!) 
Gilet // Topshop old (see their 2014 version here
Shoes // Missguided old (these would look just as nice! Click!)  

So I thought I would try and wear something different so went and bought the Missguided midi skirt! Yes. You are witnessing me wearing a skirt, that is not photoshop! I definitely think being a fashion blogger means you should explore and go out of your comfort zone. My blog isn't for personal style, it's for fashion. And this skirt in my eyes is fashionable haha! 
It is gorgeous though! I did feel odd wearing it, but thats because I'm not a massive skirt fan, but it's very flattering (I was prancing around the room singing Grease songs!) ! I almost wished I bought it whilst it was still summer because I could have worn it loads then! Thats why I've tried to put an autumnal twist on it and make it practical for this weather. 
This jumper is a must though, Ive mentioned it before but its worth every penny and a lovely quality! I think they have it in other colours. Although the grey suits my wardrobe the most! 
I thought I would layer the outfit with a leather jacket but decided to go with the gilet instead. I wished I had a biker gilet, I almost think that would have made it look edgier but I don't own one! I will have a look when Im next shopping! I think the fur gilet does the job okay though, it makes the outfit look cosy and feminine! 
It's times like this when I'm really thankful to live in the countryside and find gorgeous locations like this with an old castle building and stone walls. It's actually in my old school grounds! I'm sure they wouldn't have minded! They will probably like the fact that I've still carried on my photography since I got in B in my a levels (geez that feels so long ago now!) 
Have a look at my 'The Autumnal Statement' blog post to see the grey jumper being worn in a different look, its definitely not as girly as this! 
Would I wear this look again? It depends! I think I would want to make the skirt look really statement, and then wear all black. Black turtle neck top, but a snug fitted top. The sleeves biker jacket, a fedora hat, and a bag to then match the colours on the skirt! 
There is a matching top for this skirt even. So I could wear it as a co ord and then that would look lush with a leather jacket! 
Whatever floats your boat! This is one way to wear it with knitwear I suppose, and its practical for this season ^^ 
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