Friday, 17 October 2014

How I dress: Top to Toe Missguided

All the items I am wearing at Missguided click the items for the prices ( All G) :

Hey all! 
I was thrilled when I got given the task to pick a Missguided knitwear item, and then focus the outfit around this item. Knitwear is essential for this time of season and I especially love knitwear that isn't too chunky knit!? I get so warm in the winter with all the layers so I always love a thin knit jumper that is also good quality! For this look I picked the cream roll neck jumper. I already own the grey one which I practically LIVE IN! The s/m size is the perfect fit and I love the cropped length. It looks so flattering with anything high waisted. They are so versatile that this type of roll neck jumper is easy to dress classy, or to dress casual. I wore this jumper to an event on Saturday with culottes and heels and got some lovely feedback! I also haven't found a jumper thats cheaper than this ones and I couldn't fault this particular style of jumper in the slightest! 
So I decided to style this up with the black skirt, the grey coat and the pink stole. I do like the skirt, but I didn't think it would be this short on (eek!) It doesn't look so bad with the coat being long, but I don't think I could have picked up anything off the floor without bending my knees! I think it did the job okay for this look but I just wished it was a tad longer, and the skirt is also not lined which is a shame. But I do like the asymmetric front. 
The coat is blooming GORGEOUS! I love that this coat can be used for smart or causal outfits and it's a lovely quality coat! I love the subtle pu leather trim on the pockets and the collar, because it just makes it look extra stylish! This will look super nice with skinny jeans or over a LBD for an evening out! On this occasion, I added the fur stole.. a PINK fur stole! 
I still have mixed feelings on the pink. It does go with the look! I like that it makes the outfit feminine and I also like that the fur is a nice quality also! I can't stand fur thats like.. manky? Or when the fur needs a good comb ha! But this did the job for this look. This is what I imagined and I am happy over all with this outfit. Would I wear this again?! Absolutely but maybe with a longer skirt! If you are shorter than 5ft 8 then this skirt would be fine on you, but I suppose thats the disadvantage of being some what lanky! 
I'm loving all these autumnal colours and love the leaves changing colour but blooming hell, it's getting dark so quickly!!! I took these roughly round 5:15pm? Whats so depressing is that it will get even darker in the weeks to come and I love taking photographs in the evening when its quieter and the lighting isn't so harsh.. but now it's just getting DULL! 
Bring it on winter! Must not let my SAD affect my blogging urgh. Which is hilarious as I prefer winter fashion so much more to summer clothing, I just don't like the weather! 

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  1. I seriously want the fur stole in the brown shade, but it keeps selling out :( the pink is really cute with your hair and paired with the grey coat x

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine // Blog Sale

  2. Hey, I just tagged you to do the Autumn tag :)



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