Friday, 10 October 2014

Feeling colourful!

Playsuit (G) // Tuesday's Closet 
Jacket // Topshop 
Boots // Topshop old (see the new version here)
Bag // Zara

Hey guys! 
So Tuesdays Closest kindly sent me this playsuit to dress up! I was drawn to the colours and the funky print it's such a statement! To be honest I wasn't sure how I was going to dress this up, because there are so many options! I could have worn a blazer and made it look formal. Or a biker leather jacket and going out sandals. I didn't want to just play safe. 
The fit of the playsuit is lovely though (I'm a size 10), although the torso is a little on the longer side. I was debating on adding a belt around the playsuit to make it shorter. It's not a massive deal though and the colours and pattern on the playsuit look even better in person! Having the pattern going down the centre with the black sides on the dress, does give the illusion of a slimmer waist! It's perfect for anyone that tends to wear a lot of black but would like something thats colourful, but flattering at the same time.
I am seriously in love with this jacket! The way it appears to look like a denim jacket with a sheepskin collar, but the jacket itself is made from PU leather! It's a gorgeous fit! I think it went nicely with the jacket to help dress it down. I was wearing the size 10 and would say it fits just as well as all my other size 10 leather jackets from Toppers. I can never fault their sizing with this particular style.
The bag then went perfect with the jacket and the playsuit. It's not very visible in the photo, but it opens up like a Marry Poppins bag and has 2 zips! I am in love with the design and the size. I was after a black winter bag and have no regrets buying this one! 
I do wish I wore more stylish looking boots, but I wanted to try and make this outfit colourful and casual. In that sense, I think they did work. Maybe I should have given them a clean beforehand, dammit! 
My outfit is just one example on how you could wear this playsuit, but the possibilities are endless! Any style of jacket like peplum, biker, or oversized would do the trick. It would look lovely with a clutch bag, or an oversized bag like mine. My personal preference if I was going to wear this on a night out would be with stappy sandals, and a sleeveless waistcoat! I will post the photos below and you will see what I mean ^^ 
I hope you like this look though! How would you wear a playsuit? Casual or for night out? 

Ideas on how to wear it for a night out! 

x x x x



  1. Love the print, it has a very cool McQueen vibe to it.


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  3. love love the playsuit! Also love how the fur on the jacket adds an autumnal element to the outfit :) x

    i've got a giveaway over on my blog if you want to check it out :)


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