Saturday, 25 October 2014

Biker Jackets don't have to always be black.

Jacket // Topshop
Jeans // Topshop
Boots // River Island

As you may have noticed in these photographs, it was a little windy! Thats because mum and I quickly took these photographs on Tuesday when we had that blooming hurricane coming to the coast! It was very breezy, I had to literally ask mum to take as many photographs as she could when there was a split second of no wind! The photographs could have looked a lot worse to be fair, so I'm not complaining !
Ahhh isn't this Topshop biker jacket blooming lush?! They do a black one also, but I have so many black jackets that I was drawn to this one because I don't own a white one! It feels good quality and I thought it was an okay price for Toppers. The fur is detachable, which I'm very happy with! I dread that over time all my foundation make up will go onto the fur and ruin it! But I'm sure I will get more wear out of this throughout the winter because it will look gorgeous with an all over black outfit! In this outfit however, I wanted to add some sort of colour, so I dressed it with the dark grey River Island  top (dark grey is more colourful than black I suppose!). I was drawn to it's unique wrap design with the gold detail at the top. It sits nicely on, and I think the colour goes perfect with white! I also own a cream jacket which it also goes lush with. It's a lovely, flattering, evening top for cocktails, and I know it would look edgy with leather skinny trousers. 
It's not very noticeable, but I do want to express how much I love my knee high cleated boots! They are real leather, and I also think they are a bargain for real suede! Ive worn them loads and they have so far, kept their shape and do stay up past the knee. I know some knee high boots sag and start to loose it's fit but so far, these are my favourite winter boots. Plus, they are comfy enough to wear for a whole day in London. Been there done that!
Moving onto the accessories, I think my electric blue Pauls Boutique bag really helped to brighten this look up! With any dark outfit I always recommend to brighten the look with shoes or accessories but thats because I can't stand a top to toe black outfit. The brightness helps to colour block the look and it's a statement next to my white biker jacket. I know it isn't cheap, but I've worn this bag loads and it did the job perfectly when I went to London Fashion Week. The quality shows and it's oversized (exactly how I like my bags!) 
Opinions on white jackets/coats in the winter? Would you wear white in the winter? Or do you think its pointless because it's more likely to get dirty? I would love to hear ^^

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  1. Your hair and make up is amazing!
    So tempted to get a pixie cut.
    Gorgeous jacket.

    Jennifer Jayne xx


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