Monday, 29 September 2014

This cape is photogenic!

Cape // Topshop 
Top // Boohoo
Jeans // Topshop
Boots // Tophop

Hey all!!
Ahhh it feels so good to be visiting Bristol again on the weekends. It means I have another location to take photographs! I wore this outfit above when we had a day out in Cabot Circus yesterday. I admit this outfit is very minimal!?! Normally I would have a necklace, or would layer something. Ideally I wanted to wear a leather jacket and wear the Cape on top, but it was so warm that day and I was picking up a sweat just wearing this! I admit I still don't know what 'my style' is. I literally just wear whatever I'm drawn to. Sometimes I know its fate if I see a statement item and then then the potential outfit will automatically pop into my brain. Its like when you fall in love with an item of clothing, and then the rest of the outfit just falls into place and those moments can literally feel magic.
The cape was literally love at first sight. I was dreading to flip over the label to see the price but was massively impressed for Toppers when it was much cheaper than I expected! I mean most jackets or knitwear can be up to £60 sometimes! The colours on this cape are truly beautiful and it's only one size, meaning you don't have to stress about what size to pick, and its easier to order online that way! (one size = one less thing to think about!) 
I wanted to make this cape do all of the talking so the rest of the outfit is pretty basic. I weirdly like it though. Less is more in this look. I tried to wear a necklace but as you can see the cape is attached at the top by the mini belt strap meaning it looked rather cluttered. I would have worn my fedora hat but as stupid as this sounds I was having a good hair day haha! No one wants to ruin a good hair day by popping a hat on your nicely volumised hair! 
I did also attempt to belt up the cape but in this instance I think I preferred it open. It looked odd having a small belt on the neckline and then a belt on the waistline. Maybe if the cape didn't have the belt fastening then I think I could have pulled it off. But I wanted to show how this naturally sat. This is definitely one of those items where it looks just as amazing in person and in the photographs. Probably one of the most photogenic items of clothing I have ever photographed! 
The photographs below are from Bristol Fashion Week, where there happened to be a mini catwalk show in the centre of Cabot Circus. I'm really happy with the photographs, considering I didn't have the best of views, and wasn't sure what was the best setting to pop the camera on. All the shots below were literally just taken on 'Sports Mode', with my 50mm lens, because thats excellent in taking photographs when things are moving quickly. The Folklore looks were my ultimate favourite and loved how they belted the capes, and wore thick socks with chunky, autumnal, coloured boots! I felt very inspired! 

Some of the items the models wore were designer but I know for a fact that the Cape is from Warehouse (click!) I know this because... I happened to buy it the day before, dammit! 
I know this cape is from River Island but it's sold out online! Try your nearest store because I think it is still floating around. 
Here's the link for the coat. I love the pixelated blues that are speckled in with the pink/purple background on this beauty! (click to see price!)

Are you obsessed with capes this season? Or do you think they are rather impractical? Im intrigued to know!! 
My thoughts are they are like the autumn version of the kimono. I loved the kimonos in the summer, yet I love the Winter seasons more, so with all these capes around I'm going a little mad for them (poor poor bank card!) 
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  1. You look stunning, definitely convincing me to try the cape trend!

    Lauren x

  2. I love a cape! I like to huddle into them when it's cold and definitely agree with you that they're the warm equivalent of kimonos :)

  3. The cape looks so good and can't believe you just stumbled upon this fashion show!


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