Sunday, 28 September 2014

The camel coat..

Trousers // Missguided
Coat // Missguided
Blouse // RiverIsland
Necklace // Topshop (see similar
Shoes // Topshop  (cheaper alternative here

Everything about this outfit for me is spot on. It was comfortable, classy, colourful, and very me at the same time. 
The first item I bought were the trousers. They are soooo comfy! They have an elasticated waist that have a drawstring to make them fitted, and the print is very flattering. I wore these out in Manchester yesterday for an event and they did the job nicely because they are so easy to dress up or dress down. 
The shirt then goes lovely with this. I especially love that the buttons come in 2's (see the photo). It makes it that little bit nicer and different I suppose. The only thing I can critise with this shirt (since I've worn it a few times now) is that it gets creased so easily! The fabric on the front is like a classic shirt style material but the fabric on the back is like a soft cotton? I don't understand why they could have made the shirt the same fabric all over but the shirt does sadly get creased on the front and needs to be ironed every time before wearing (something which I struggle to do ha! I always prefer the shower trick and steam the clothes...yes I'm lazy!) 
The coat is BEAUT! I wasn't sure on the length to begin with, but with heels I think it looks lush (to get a rough idea, Im 5 ft 8 and the coat sits a little below the knee). If its sold out still when you click on the link, fear not. Just keep on checking, Missguided put refunded sizes back on their website all the time. I think the coat was very popular to begin with because Kim Kardashian featured one very similar. It's worth the wait and worth every penny. I would like to think a whole line will be back online in the next couple of weeks. 
My rodeo shoes are pretty much considered old now! Thats why Ive clinked a alternative..and the alternative is massively cheaper also! I love that they have the chunky heel and the gold double straps with the gold subtle heel block makes these shoes look glamorous! 
I feel like I've barely said anything about this outfit but I think it looks like a shorter post because I didn't include a bag so its one less thing Ive spoken about! 
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  1. You look lovely! I am styling up a camel coat in my latest outfit post too :) xx

  2. Hi there :)
    I love your sense of style and your blog is totally rad! I was wondering if the coat is a big fit, like if it's oversized? or is it true to it's size? :)


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