Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Shirt // River Island 
Boots // River Island
Hat // River Island
Bag // Newlook
Necklace // Next (not on website yet, see similar for now ^^) 

Okay first of all, I have a confession to make.. Not all of this outfit belongs to me. Infact. The only items I own in this look, is this shirt and the hat! 
No I haven't stolen them ha! 
But it's pretty handy when you are the same clothes size as your younger sister ^^ kerching!
Right now I feel like she has a better wardrobe than me! At least she has saved me from buying all this stuff myself (although I am desperate to get the coat and boots to avoid stealing them from my her. Dammit).
The coat is GORGEOUS! I love the waterfall effect to make the coat look slouchy and relaxed when it is an oversized fit. I'm wearing the size 10 when admittedly, if I was buying this myself, I would have gone down a size, purely because I like my coats more on the fitted side. They do this exact coat in a light blue/black colour, which I think would look fantastic for any brunette girls out there. I have my heart set on this colour and think its definitely a great price for a winter coat (some coats are such a rip off these days!)
The shirt is also lovely! It is described as 'cream' on the website, but I would say its more an 'off white' colour. The back of the shirt splits which makes it floaty and flattering from the back. However if you ever need to lean forward to pick something up, the shirt then rides over your shoulders to bare the bra, so, avoid picking anything up or get someone else to bend over! Obviously if you are wearing a jacket, then this solves the problem. 
The boots are probably the best thing to get me excited for Autumn. I can't steal these from my sister because they are one size too small for me, and she would kill me if I 'stretched' them haha! 
The photographs do not show how beautiful these boots are. I LOVE that they are cleated and they are so, comfy to wear and don't feel too high. They are also literally, knee high (I cannot stand boots that are described knee high when they only go half way up your calf!) The only disadvantage with these boots is that they apparently don't stay up very well. Thats coming from Amy. I didn't wear these long enough to judge but I don't care. These will one day be mine. In a size 7. Fact.
I don't mean to brag but I just wanted to express how much I am LOVING my new camera! I think my last camera was on its last legs and the colours never seemed right and my photographs were slightly off focus. I feel so much more determined to make my outfits look super nice, now that I know my camera can capture my outfits better now. I still have a long way to go understanding my camera, but I know the gists, and right now, I can deal with that :) 
Hope you liked this look as much I did! 

Before I forget! If you buy ELLE magazine, there is a 20% off River Island voucher included! I think it expires end of October, but don't take my word for it! Plus it's only for women's only, so no shopping of the boyfriends am afraid, like I realised the other day.. d'oh! 

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  1. SUCH a gorgeous transitional look! That coat looks so comfy and I definitely need to get a cape style coat for winter! I also love the boots xo

    Lucy-J Loves | UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

  2. I love everything you're wearing, the grid print shirt is gorgeous (I love the sound of the back) and the coat is such a great shape. River Island have some lush stuff in for A/W!
    Thanks for the ELLE magazine tip by the way haha, I saw you mention it on Instagram earlier and ran out to get one :)

    Louise /


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