Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Printed Culottes.. and photos from the Superdry Event!

Culottes // Topshop
Jacket // Superdry (G)
Shirt // Missguided old (see similar)
Shoes // Missguided
Bag // Asos 
Necklace // River Island 

Hey peeps! 
I basically wore this outfit out a week ago, when it was Superdry's and USC 's Vogue Fashion Fest night. To be honest, most of London was taking part and you could see through the store windows that some places had a DJ for the night, or a bar? Or goody bags even?! It meant that Oxford Street that evening was literally buzzing! I think I will talk about my outfit first, then write a bit below about what I got up to that evening. Here goes! 
I had such a nightmare with these culottes. I originally ordered the size 10, because my other leather ones are a 10, and to be honest, I'm never anything smaller than a 10 in bottoms anyways! 
But had panic when I tried these on the day of the event, to find that they were MASSIVE! Like, even pinning them would have still looked silly! I was so disappointed that they had been sized so incorrectly.  It made me panic because I'm sure you can relate; If you gear up to an event and know what you're going to wear, and you focus purely on wearing this particular thing, to then find that its not as expected? Or faulty? Or sized wrong!? Your heart sinks! I had to quickly think of a plan b to wear round London, and then my aim was to find a smaller pair before the event started.
There was no size 8, but found an odd  size 8 'petite' version in some clear rail so I gave them a go instead. THANK THE LORD it was a success. I preferred the petite more than the core version because the petite sat just on the knee and felt like they looked more flattering on me. The ones in core did look like ankle bashers to be honest! Plus the petite were a lot cheaper so my fear of panic and dread, turned into a feeling of success! I was able to relax after that! 
I actually got given this jacket at the event but wanted to include it in this look. I was drawn to the leather and suede combo, and I fell in love with the double breasted collars. It's edgy and different. I love a standard biker jacket but this one is nicer than that! Way nicer! One massive feature that I love on this leather jacket is that there are popper fastenings to hold the collars in place! That way the collars will always sit nicely and not get creased. The quality shows and its a lovely fit (wearing the size small). I'm so grateful to have been gifted this and I'm sure I will blog it again in the future. 
The Missguided shoes are also spot on! I'm so tempted to get them in the camel colour because they are so flattering and so comfy for long days out that they do the job so well! I also think they are really well priced and look in tact still after a 10 hour London day trip! 

Okay so I thought I would just add a mini montage of some of the shots that I took at the Superdry Vogue Fashion Fest Night. It was basically a separate room for bloggers to view the new Autumn/Winter collection, and my gosh there are some lovely items coming soon! Some may already be on the website so its worth checking, but Superdry are always adding new stock. 
I admit I really liked Superdry in my teens when I loved the lumberjack jackets and wind cheaters. But looking at their stock now 6 years later, it does show that they have upped their game massively! Superdry Jackets are my favourite from their brand, followed by their knitwear. 
The showroom was decorated nicely with mannequins showing inspiration, a mini pick and mix table,  and coconut water (omg coffee flavour is now my all time fav!). There was even someone personalising the leather jackets! I wish I did it now, but the leather jacket would have been out of my hands for a couple of days whilst it was being worked on, and I only just got attached to my new jacket ha! I didn't want to let it go so soon! 

Below Ive just attached my 5 favourites from the online site to give you a rough idea of whats available. From tassel and fur jackets, to waterfall cardigans. Superdry is on point for this season! 

Tassle Leather Jacket // £199.99

Bridge Coat // £124.99

Superwolf Cardigan // £84.99 

Dolittle Toggle Hoodie // £114.99 Omg I would love to wear this round Christmas time! 

Dillanger Boots // £89.99

Do check out the Superdry website and let me know what you think! 
Thanks for reading! ^^ 

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  1. Gorgeous outfit! I think this is my new favourite out of all the ones I've seen you post :) I really want to try the whole culotte trend, but I'm worried they won't suit me as I'm so short. Your photos of the event look awesome as well, and the jacket they gave you is gorgeous - very jealous! xo

    LJLV | UK Personal Style

  2. Love the bag you're using, it's perfect :)


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