Thursday, 18 September 2014

Outfit for LFW day 2 and what I really thought about the event..

Leather Jacket (G) // Superdry
Sleeveless Jacket // Topshop 
Jeans // Topshop 
Bag // Pauls Boutique (Blogger Discounted)
Boots // River Island 
Blouse // In The Style 
Necklace // Primark (see similar

Hey guys! 

So this was my 2nd day at London Fashion Week. I decided to dress down and wear something that was more true to myself (don't get me wrong, I loved my outfit from Day 1, but I may not wear that look casually into town ha!)
I felt like I made some sort of effort though. I don't normally like to layer but when I came across the grey Topshop jacket, I knew exactly how I wanted to wear it! I loved that my outfit was mainly monochrome, but I purposely bought the Paul's Boutique bag to brighten it up! 
The bag is a frigging MUST HAVE! I know it isn't cheap but I promise you the quality is better than I expected and would make the perfect birthday/xmas present. I fell in love with it straight away because It's electric blue and SUEDE! If you are also a fan of a 'mary poppins' bag, then you will be especially happy because this is big day out style bag. It would be excellent for hand luggage on a plane. Or for a long packed day in London ha! I'm very grateful to have been given some credit because I was desperate to use it for London Fashion Week but couldn't afford the full amount! If I could have afforded it in the first place, I would have just bought it instantly! 
The boots are also AMAZING! They are so comfy and excellent quality also (you can get the gist that I'm loving suede right now ^^) 
I love the cleated sole because they make them perfect to wear for any long days out (they survived a 12 hour trip in London!) They are a bit snug on the calf/thigh area, but I promise they do give, because they stretch being over the knee. DON'T FORGET! If you buy Elle magazine, there is a 20% off voucher code to use in store or online - KERCHING! 
Overall I'm happy with this look, and I get the impression that if there was an item missing, the outfit wouldn't have been half as nice. I loved how the leather jacket sat nicely over my shoulders, and I love the length of the blouse. I felt comfortable, yet confidant, which is what London Fashion Week is all about! 

If anyone was new to LFW, and was planning to go next time (for February), here are some tips that I've put together based on my opinions and what I got told whilst I was at Somerset House;
1. If you can't go every day, go on the Friday and the Saturday. Those are the days when they are busiest and lots of Companies also attend these days because there is lots of hype!
2. Prepare to be papped! People can randomly come up to you asking to take a photograph of your outfit. This is great experience if you aren't used to taking photographs in public, or you might only be used to your mum taking photographs! Plan a confidant pose thats quick and easy to use (normally just confidently standing, slightly tilted to the side works!) 
3. Make some business cards! If you do get photographed, it would be nice to know where those photos are going! You can hand over your business card and ask them to give you credit. Thats how you get exposed!
4. If you want tickets to any shows, you need to apply well in advance! You can register on the LondonFashionWeek official website. I would have thought you can start to apply round December/January time? Just keep the date saved in your calendar and plan in advance!
5. Relax, you don't need to attend every day. Haha this is just my opinion here. To be honest, I don't fully get the hype of LFW still. I got the impression that all people did was stand and socialise in Somerset House, hoping to get photographed/recognised. Some people would attend every day to Somerset House and not go to any shows! All they would do is stand around, hoping to find people they knew and just socialise all day. Don't get me wrong I did enjoy the Sunday/Monday but I'm hoping the Friday and Saturday will be more fulfilling because it's a lot of money to buy clothes, travel to London, use the Underground, food, even accommodation for some!!? I think make sure you go with a small group of mates, just so you always have people with you, and you can always mooch around London if you ever get bored (hello Oxford Street!)

I think overall it's what you make of it. But plan a really nice yet creative outfit and beware of the cobbles!! Walking round Somerset House was a mission for some people ha! The saying 'Looks can kill' suits LFW perfectly! 

x x x x 


  1. I absolutely ADORE your outfit - it looks like something I would absolutely wear with my current monochrome obsession. Especially the grid print blouse and those boots! I'm desperately looking for a pair of long boots at the moment, but the problem with having dancer's legs means that my calf muscles fit into very few boots and hardly any jeans >.< xo

    Lucy-J Loves | UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

  2. Gorgeous as always, flawless styling, had a fabulous day together couldn't have been better minus the cobbles lmao xxx


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