Friday, 26 September 2014

My new Cosy Cardigan!

Cardigan // Fur Stole // Shirt // Jeans - All Topshop 
Necklace // Riverisland 
Shoes // Missguided 
Bag // H&M
If you like the pattern of the shirt, they also do the same print on shorts, Duster Jacket and flared trousers!

Hey all! 
Last weekend I was down in Bristol! I will be making several trips to Bristol this year because my boyfriend is now attending his final year at uni there. Yes its effort having to drive 90 minutes a time, but I love that it's my little weekend getaway from Oxford. Bristol is literally like a mini version of London but has everything I love and need there. Including my favourite Topshop! It's the perfect size and normally has new stock!
I saw the cardigan and fur scarf together on a mannequin and I fell in LOVE! The combination is lovely. To be honest when I first saw the cardigan on its own I wasn't so keen on the neckline being cut for a boxy shape (you will see what I mean when you click on the link), but as soon as you add the fur, you can't see the neckline, and it makes the cardigan look totally different! I think the cardigan would look fine on its own with a plan white shirt maybe more for a casual, laid back look? But because I'm wearing a patterned shirt as well, I think the fur helps to separate all the patterns that are going on! The colours on the fur actually go lovely with the autumnal tones on the shirt also. 
I do warn you though this cardigan is MASSIVE! I firstly got the size 8 but even that was really oversized so I ended up swapping it for a 6. I'm never a 6 ha! But you can see in the photographs that this cardigan doesn't look snug at all! For anyone that is petite framed, there is the option for a size 4 online, so hopefully that should do the trick! 
I do admit this outfit is considered more casual than some of my other looks, but thats the whole point in autumn and winter right? You can still wear cosy clothing and not look boring! 
I think the ripped jeans help to keep the outfit looking more stylish. They add a bit of edginess. I'm wearing the Joni jeans which I have loved since day 1! I love this particular denim colour and its nice to buy a pair that are already ripped, so it saves me DIY-ing them (they are £2 more than the non ripped ones though!? Pretty cheeky in my opinion, but I just hope they last).
If you follow me on Insta you will know how much I have been loving these Missguided shoes! I have worn them round London this week and haven't gained a single blister! They do them in other colours and textures also, and I love the 2 strap buckle detail. Worth every penny! 
Don't forget my Missguided discount code finishes a minute before midnight on the 26th September which is....TODAY! (you can find it at the top of my blog on the right hand side).
If anyone has been paid..well! I'm very jealous of you right now ^^
Blog again very soon !

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  1. Fixating over the furry scarf! I don't think it's overly casual at all - great combination.

  2. I'm loving those shoes! I actually realised while I read this post that I've never bought a pair of Missguided shoes before so OBVIOUSLY that now needs to change - bring on payday!! Lovely outfit, I'm liking the more laid back vibe and the mix of autumnal colours :) xo

    LJLV | UK Personal Style

  3. Love your style! Definitely going to be getting some inspiration :D Thank you for the lovely chat, you were a pleasure to meet (:

    Kimberley (from the train)


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