Saturday, 20 September 2014

LFW day 1 outfit!

Jacket // Zara
Blouse // River Island
Bag // River Island
Necklace // River Island 
Culottes // Topshop (sold out see similar here)
Shoes // Topshop 
False Lashes // Eylure

Hey guys!! 
So I felt a little rebellious and snuck onto my old school grounds with my mum the other day to take these photographs. Basically I had originally taken shots of this outfit at London Fashion Week, but me being a div, the shots weren't fully in focus and they then looked even worse blown up on my computer screen (it was my fault, not yours Amy! The settings were wrong! Ha, Amy took my photographs at Somerset House, check out her blog with her mate Naomi 'Two Shoes One Pair' if you haven't!) 
So this was the closest location near to me with a stoney wall! My old school has an old historic castle-like building thats used for the art department, so we took these photographs after school hours when it was quiet...only the cleaner noticed!
This has probably been one of my favourite outfits I've ever physically worn to date! It was so nice to dress up stylish to LFW and wear something that had a lot of thought put into it. A year ago I would have never considered culottes! Crazy how fashion changes isn't it!?
My favourite item in this look has to be the Zara sleeveless jacket, omg I promise you it is worth every penny! I admittedly bought this whilst I was out in Barcelona (it was £50 cheaper out there as well!) and its one size only. But I love that you can play around with this blanket, throw over jacket because it is asymmetric so its acceptable to wear this uneven or neat! Whats even better is that they have made a coat version in this material that Ive also purchased..but my gosh it isn't cheap! 
The leather culottes are also a friggin beaut! They were destined for me when the size 10 was the only one available and they did the job perfectly for the event! I did have to pin the back of the culottes because they were loose around the waist, and weren't sitting properly. Pinning them wasn't an issue, but it just made the culottes sit on the waist and they appeared more flattering in my opinion. 
The statement necklace is worth every penny! I think they do it in other colours in gold isn't your thing. You don't have to feel guilty if you have the latest ELLE magazine, because they have a 20% off voucher for Rivers right now, AND it can be used online! 
The false lashes though, oh my days I will be buying these again! I have so far used these 3 times and can still get away with wearing them again <3 i="" nbsp="">
It's scary because I can see why people may wear lashes every day... I felt more awake wearing them. Probably because my eyes looked larger so that subconsciously made my then feel awake? Its the best feeling ever tearing them off your face after a long day in London though, my god! Nearly as good as undoing the bra, but not quite! The bra flinging always wins! 
Hope you liked this outfit as much I did wearing it! Are you a fan of culottes? How would you wear them I would love to hear!

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  1. That jacket is beautiful :) x

  2. Love this outfit!! So stylish :D You look beautiful :)
    Ava xox

  3. That jacket is amazing!!! Perfect piece for Fall!!
    Sarah xx


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