Sunday, 21 September 2014

I'm wearing PINK!

Jacket // Missguided 
Boots // Missguided 
Bag // Newlook
Top // Miss Pap
Skirt // Miss Pap
So...I'm wearing PINK! What is going on!? Ha, I couldn't decide between this bomber, or the monochrome one that Missguided have (If you prefer the sound of that one!). I was so stumped I even asked my followers on Instagram which one they thought I should pick. It was very clear from all the comments that the pink bomber was the winner. People were saying that I should go for something different and challenge myself, and you know what? My followers are absolutely right! 
I have no regrets picking this one. I love the length and the sizing is a little oversized. I think I could have got away with the size 8 but the size 10 looks fine in the photographs. You can tell from the fabric though that this jacket is going to sadly get bobbly really quickly! I wouldn't recommend washing it (or holding out for as long as), and probably not make it an every day style jacket. I think it's going to get worn out quickly, but if your like me and have many jackets to pick and choose from, then this shouldn't be a problem, and the jacket will last you much longer! 
I wanted to wear it with something girly but wanted to stay genuine to my style. I felt a little out of my comfort zone even wearing pink, so I wanted my main outfit to be something really flattering. This co ord is literally PERFECT! 
It looks lovely on the website but it's even nicer in person. I picked a size M which fitted great on the top half, but the skirt is a little big for me around the waist (the size small would not have got past my hips so I can't win!) 
Its a lovely fabric and the skirt is a flattering length. I would happily wear this co ord again, and I know it would especially look lovely with a leather jacket and a statement clutch bag for a night out! It's a lovely versatile print, meaning that it can be worn several ways because the pattern and colours are practical for many looks.
The bag is also a must have! I'm loving all these backpacks at the moment and Newlook in my opinion, have the best selection! I love the subtle grid print on the bag (it's only really noticeable in certain lighting). But its a great size for any days out where you need to take a laptop or camera round with you e.g school or Uni. You can definitely fit A4 books in this also, so that gives you a rough idea on the size.  
People opinions please!? I can deal with some honest feedback with this outfit, even if it isn't positive ha! How would you wear this bomber then? 
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