Sunday, 14 September 2014

Lets get edgy!

This was when it was getting dark and the flash came on, dammit! 
Leather Jacket // Superdry
Dress // Missguided  (they have this pattern in a top, Jumpsuit and trousers!)
Shoes // Missguided 
Necklace // Newlook
Bag // Riverisland

Evening all! 

So yesterday I decided to go larry and take photographs out in my local field. I had to walk past a bunch of youths playing football, confidently stride across the grass to a quieter spot, and I just decided to go for it! You can't always depend on your mum to take photographs! Sometimes I don't mind using the remote because I can be as slow or as quick as I want, and I feel like I have more control that way? It's just annoying always having to slyly hide the remote, which, I'm still practising with! 
The youths seemed to take more interest in their footy compared to me posing like a wally, so I didn't feel the need to rush these.. although it was starting to get dark quick! 
I kindly got given the Superdry jacket, which I honest to god, LOVE! (Thankyou Hatty!)  I have never owned a genuine leather jacket before, but it's so nice to actually own one because the quality does blooming show (did I mention that I loovvveee the smell of leather.. *sniff* ahhh the smell of cow!) 
But its gorgeous! I've worn Superdry clothing in the past, and I have always loved their quality. From their lumberjack jackets, to buying hoodies for my boyfriend. Superdry have never failed me, and Ive never had anything go faulty on me *touch wood*. Yes this jacket is on the pricey side, but it's Italian leather, and can be worn with literally anything! I promise this will last you longer than any PU style jacket. Plus, this keeps you warmer than any fake leather because of it's luxury fabric. 
I decided to dress it girly. I normally love wearing leather jackets with just jeans, but I wanted to challenge myself by making it look girly, but wanting to add edginess at the same time. 
I knew straight away that this dress would go PERFECT with the leather jacket. It's not very noticeable, but the lining of the leather jacket is bright red, which went nicely with it (you can see in the close up shots). I just love that this leather jacket completes the look! Don't get me wrong, this dress does look lovely on its own, but the jacket I feel.. gives it attitude! I would recommend this dress to anyone, it's a beautiful silk material and the pattern is bold but the red is lovely dark shade, so it's not too 'in your face'. 
The red bag then went perfect of course. Literally the shades of red are so, so similar. It's a lovely sized bag and luckily you don't need to unfasten the padlock every time to open the bag. It fastened with a popper and the padlock is just for decoration ^^ So the practicality is still good!
The shoes help to make this look edgy, and they have a really soft lining on the inside of the boot. I wore these quickly bare footed to take the photographs and my feet felt so cosy!
Okay I think I have babbled enough, but hope you like this look as much as I do! 

much love!

x x x x


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