Sunday, 3 August 2014

Outfit for the Missguided a/w 14 press event and photos from the night!

Jacket £44.99 // Missguided
Playsuit £18 // The Fashion Bible 
Bag WAS £27.99 NOW £24.99  // Missguided
Headpiece £14.99 // Ebay

Hey!! I literally took these photos quickly before the event. I found out about the invite the day before the event, it was the best news ever! Thank god it was an evening event as it gave me more time to plan for an outfit! 
It was odd because I had previously made this outfit on the floor on my Instagram (see the page 'Floordrobe looks!') a couple of days before. I bought this jacket whilst I was on holiday. Online shopping chilling by the pool/beach is the DREAM, plus its then exciting to have parcels (or presents to me from me) waiting for you when you get back! I loved the mint green colour, and haven't seen a jacket similar to this colour anywhere! The fit is also spot on! Size 10 and it's a perfect fit (normally am a 10/12 in Missguided jackets).
The playsuit is actually adorable ! I admit I accidentally got sent it and was expecting a different style playsuit but this one went PERFECT with the rest of the look. I loved the girly lace detail and it's a lovely flattering fit! You can adjust the straps and it covered my bum, woo woo! Will admit, if you are taller than 5ft 8, then you may struggle! 
I think my favourite item in this outfit is of course the headpiece! It was meant to come with me on holiday but never arrived in time. I love that it suits my short hair and there is no annoying clips! Finding this elasticated style makes me want to find more styles like this because they are easy to wear and sits nicely around the forehead :) I don't think this outfit would have look half as nice without the headpiece. Does make you realise how important accessories are in an outfit!
The shoes and bag then went nicely with the rest of the look. Ive had this bag for a couple of months now but used it so many times, and its a lovely sized bag. Was able to fit my slr camera, make up bag, purse, iPhone and charger! 

Okay now to begin with the event ahh!!! I was overwhelmed by all the cute decoration and the visual merchandising, it was so nicely put together! The building was small, but the quality showed!! Clothing was upstairs and shoes and accessories were in the basement. 
The clothing was sectioned into trends, I cannot remember all the trends off the top of my head but you will get the gist when I section the photographs. 
One thing I wish I did was take more photographs! The building was pretty humid and a lot of us were just chatting whilst staying by the air conditioning! Ive used photographs from other peoples Instagrams but credited their Insta name in the photograph. 
I also stupidly carried my 50mm lens instead of standerd one. So all my slr photos were too close up! I stuck to my phone for most of the night. I must live and learn! 

Basically, there is going to be plenty of pink! Paisley print is going to carry on into the winter season (GET IN!). I noticed a lot of embroidery detail on items, and co ords will also carry on! 
Monochrome is normally massive in the winter season and the event showed evidence of this also! Fur will return! Plus its also nice to see lots of floral prints still! 
My favourite things from the night were infact all the graphics! The way they style their clothing is amazing and love the colour of the backdrop and all the models are gorgeous! The graphics would look so artistic to have a photo montage of all the outfits on a wall! 
Personally I think this winter season with Missguided is going to be EPIC! They have upped their game year after year and I promise you guys you will NOT be disappointed! I have loved the summer season but seeing all these items has got me so excited to gear up for the cold! 

Bottom row left to right 
Two Shoes One Pair, Danielle Kimberleyxo , Mika Francis, BlondeCanvas 
Top row (left to right) 
Amy Valentine, MEEE, Sarah Ashcroft, Leanne Lim Walker, Zoe London, Georgia Luisa Meramo



  1. Couldn't help but notice the super cute cat in the first photo, haha! Gorgeous outfit and the Missguided event looks like it was amazing!

    Lauren x

  2. Ahh everything looks amazing, so jealous! I especially love the look of all the boots and all the pink coats :)

    Louise /


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