Monday, 4 August 2014

Holiday outfit 7.

Top £14.99 // Miss Pap 
Shorts £15.99 // Miss Pap 
Kimono // Never Fully Dressed (sold out, found similar here and here
Shoes // Topshop (sound similar and cheaper here
Headpiece // Ebay 
Midi Rings  // Newlook 
Silver Bracelets // Newlook 

After this, this will be my 3rd blog post up today! Im on a roll!..
Okay to be honest I just want all these holiday posts over with so I can focus on the new stuff waaah! Slowly but surely!
Another co ord! This one is with Miss Pap! Ive worked with Miss Pap several times now and cannot fault their brand I genuinely love their clothes! I especially loved this pineapple co ord because the colours were summery and loved the mini tassel edging round the top and bottoms! Not sure why but I just had this urge to make it really bohemian style. Its like a funky festival look! I'm always a size medium in their clothes and never had any problems with their sizing. This has been one of my favourite co ords so far this summer but I have one small issue with the shorts.. You might have noticed but the tassels look tangled in-between my legs!?! I'm annoyed because I didn't feel them tangled when taking the photographs, and my boyfriend obviously didn't notice either. Even when I uploaded the preview photo it never crossed my mind. Sometimes you wish certain faults to be oblivious because it isn't a massive issue anyways! But now that Ive noticed this, it has bugged me haha! Like, be honest, would you have noticed that if I didn't say anything? I find it funny now to be honest, I can't just fly back to Turkey again to take these shots! I love everything about these photographs apart from the tangled tassels! Oh well there are worse things in the world to get annoyed by! Like annoying evening lighting and windy days! Wind and photoshooting do not go! 

This kimono has always been a favourite of mine! Pretty sure they don't sell it anymore and thats a shame because its gorgeous to wear, and have always loved the fringing on the sleeves! It went lovely with the colours on the co ord! 
One thing I wished I included in this look was a clutch bag! I don't own a blue or white clutch! Was really miffed when I realised, but I suppose not every outfit needs a blooming bag. I'm sorry I'm such a perfectionist! 
Right now I'm aware I don't have a signature on my posts at the moment. Setting my photographs to a larger size meant my signature got HUGE too! But its 4am right now and think its a little late to faff around with making a new signature ^^ Hope thats understandable! 
I also want to shout out this girls blog because she has written a blog post about why she is going to vote for me in the Cosmpolitan blog awards and its lovely!! Thankyou Sophie Lauren for the supportive post it made my day! Click here if you would like to read and check out her blog!

 If you do want to vote for in the 'Next' Newcomer' click here and if you would like to vote for me in , 'Best New Fashion Blog' also, then click here! 
Thankyooou! <3 


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