Monday, 4 August 2014

Holiday outfit 6.

Top £29.99 // My Bandage Dress
Skirt £39.99 // My Bandage Dress 
Sunnies // From Turkey, found similar here
Kimono // River Island (heard it went into sale, but found a load of other kimonos that would suit  would suit this look 1.  2.  3.  4.   ) 
Necklace  // Newlook
Bag // Newlook
Shoes // Topshop (sold out, found similar and cheaper here


Which outfit is this?! I cannot keep up. It feels so on going! I will be honest I also prefer taking the photographs and then you forgot that you have to actually type it up! Most of the time I do enjoy typing it up but I think I take so long because I get so distracted! Like right now I'm listening to music whilst chatting to people on my phone I'm really not helping myself right now ^^ Its keeping me awake! 
I was super chuffed to receive this set from My Bandage dress! I'm going to be honest, I know not everyone would like this co ord. They do other colours but I was really happy with this colour that I got given randomly (i love electric blue!), so I had real fun dressing it up. The sets are very clingy and tight! You can't gracefully get these sets on. But then they are meant to suck you in! I think the best shape it would suit is the hourglass shape because it would emphasise the curves beautifully! I will admit I probably wouldn't have felt confidant wearing this set out clubbing because its pretty revealing! I normally like to cover up the chest area. The kimono did an excellent job with covering up the side boob ha! If you have the confidence to wear this, and can deal with tight bodycon clothing then this would look blooming amazing on. This was probably one of my favourite outfits from the entire holiday because I felt comfortable wearing it for just a meal and that was enough for me :) I'm not used to wearing a tight, tiny bra let though, and would have felt very exposed without the kimono by my side! I think I will get more wear out of the skirt because its a great colour to go with any crop tees or a with a nice cami top ^^
The kimono was the perfect match!!!! Putting the two together just clicked! The kimono has sat in my wardrobe with the tags on for a month beforehand, but then I got the co ord, and the kimono got some use! Some things are just meant to be! 
My favourite accessory in this look is the sunnies! Love the red tint! Goes great with the colours on the kimono ^^. Turkey never lets me down with their fake items haha (fake ray bans sadly!) 


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  1. You pull of this outfit so well! Lovely post :)

    Lauren x


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