Friday, 1 August 2014

Holiday outfit 4.

Dress £25 // Ax Paris 
Sunglasses // Topshop (found identical and under a fiver! Click!
Clutch bag £12.99 // Newlook 
Earrings £3.99 // Newlook 
Shoes £46 // Topshop 

Since we are on the topic of Palm Trees, these sunglasses have sold out twice on Topshop and are back in stock! I have these and love them .. click! 

Anyways!! Helloo!!

So this is the 4th outfit! I was so pleased when Ax Paris asked me to collaborate for a third time, and it was perfect timing! I instantly fell in love with this dress online. I loved the bold print, and the flattering midi length...Apologies to state the obvious but did I mention that I love PALM TREES?!? Its hilarious because a lot of people in the evenings on holiday don't tend to dress up much for a buffet meal but I like to stay classy! I wore this outfit to one of the restaurants within the hotel because I wanted to make more effort. I picked the size 10 and would say its very true to size. I admit sometimes I can squeeze into an 8 when things are stretchy but don't think the 8 would have fitted round the bust area, dammit! 
The only thing I wished this dress had was adjustable straps, purely because I like to have that option if the straps stretch over time. I had no issues whilst wearing this dress and apparently got several looks from the other holiday guests. That was according to my boyfriend ha! But I was oblivious to it. 
I know for a fact that this dress will be used loads whilst the summer is still around and I'm making sure that its the first dress I wear when I next go out! Risking that I won't get any drink spilled on it. You can't go wrong for £25 in my opinion! 
Loved the clutch bag with this look. I really wanted a pop of colour to go with this dress and the first colour that came to mind was infact pink! I think electric blue would have also looked lush with the monochrome print, but pink just brought out my inner classy chick. I can deal with the colour pink but only in small doses, and this did the trick perfectly! 
I was also really happy with the earrings! The flamingos went awesome with the tropical print and really made me feel like I was on holiday altogether ^^. I just hope I don't loose them, I have an awful habit of loosing my earrings, hence why I've never asked Matt for expensive earrings in the past! Worst come to worse, if I did.. they are only £4. Worth it when they make your ears look funky! 


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