Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Flowers in my hair!

Headband // Flash Floozy 
Playsuit // Herline
Belt // Primark 
Necklace // Newlook
Bag // Newlook
Shoes // Topshop 
Shirt // Topshop (see similar)

So today I'm wearing this lovely floral playsuit that I got given, and also got given the floral headband (I've always wanted one of these!). I noticed there were tiny spots of purple on the playsuit so I decided to wear these two items together! What I love about this playsuit is that there are so many ways to dress this! I mean I decided to dress it with a shirt, but it would look just as nice with a black or brown leather jacket, or you could even smarten it with a waterfall blazer. I also love that the colours are rather autumnal? So this can be easily worn into September and October and you could even get away with wearing tights with this playsuit. Because it's still summer, I wanted to dress it summery and I'm overall happy with the look! 
The topshop shirt did the job nicely to brighten the outfit. Its a gorgeous quality and although it's pretty expensive, it is worth every penny and has survived the washing machine several times without the fabric getting damaged. 
The headband is a MUST! I especially love purple but there are other colours also. I think go with a colour that will really suit your hair colour, and will go with a particular outfit? For example the red would look lush with dark brown hair and would be awesome to wear with a black co ord and dark demin jacket! Match the red headband with red lippy and you are sorted. That would be perfect for a festival but I think they are also nice to wear for any summer parties, or even fancy dress?!? It's a great hair accessory which will be worn summer after summer, and as long as you look after it, the quality will last :) I was scared the headband was going to swamp my head and look too much for my short hair, but I think I can just pull it off ^^ I hope!! Oh well, I enjoyed wearing it! 
I'm also really happy with the bag! It's literally like a Mary Poppins bag you can fit so much in there! I was looking for a large bag for autumn and came across this one and it was instant love! I think the price was reasonable and think you get what you pay for. It may not last the whole of winter, but I know I will enjoy using this and it will be very practical if I take this to Barcelona (just thinking of all the shopping I could hold in it!) 
You know what? I would wear this whole look to a day trip into town. I would maybe.. maybe.. take the headband off if  was wearing it for more than a couple of hours, because it does get in the way a little. Also one thing to add, it ties up at the back with ribbon. The headband would be more secure if you have a mop of hair to tie the string around and keep everything in place...this isn't the case with short hair! I might have sellotaped the ribbon to the back of my neck, so it didn't photobomb the outfit and get in the way ha! 

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  1. Love the flower crown, looks so good with your short hair! :)
    Check my blog out on: http://beckierackham.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. That necklace is AMAZING! Absolutely love it x



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