Sunday, 10 August 2014

Feeling Vibrant..

Top and Bottoms (come as a set) // Her Line 
Shoes // Primark 
Bag // Primark 
Headband // Flash Floozy 


So I got kindly given this co ord and headband roughly round the same time and thought they actually would look rather nice together! I think with co ords you need to really accessorise to make the co ord look individual to whoever is wearing it. You could have 5 people in a room all wearing the same set but would all be wearing it differently, maybe by adding a jacket, or matching shoes and bag together? However you wear a co ord, make it unique to you! 
I love the colours on this! They are so bold and vibrant! I love anything that stands out. I picked the medium and would say its true to size and fits me when I'm a size 10. I personally think this co ord is more suited to evening wear than day wear, purely because the pattern is bright and think there are more ways to dress it in the evening. It would look lush with a smart blazer or leather jacket. Or you could just wear either the top or bottoms, and mix and match them. The shorts would look lush with a  plain black bralet if you wanted to tone the colours down. Or the top would look lush with some skinny black trousers perhaps? Also think that the pattern looks more flattering from a far than close up? Even when I unpackaged them I didn't think the set would be that bright and it does have neon in the print. But looking back at the photographs the pattern is rather funky! Reminds me of a kaleidoscope with all the colours being mirrored.
I think the only disadvantage of this co ord is that you pay for the set. I know for a fact that some people aren't the same size top and bottom. I'm certainly not in bikinis but the medium fitted me okay this time round. Just check the size guide beforehand just to make sure you know what size. The top fits me fine when I can be a size 12 sometimes. I'm sure if you email them they would be more than happy to help! 
The headband is gorgeous!! I loved that it was just elasticated and so I had no issues fixing this around my head (having short hair does have its disadvantages), plus it was a bonus that it actually suited my hair style!! Its perfect to add some sparkle to any look but would probably never wear this for any day look. I will keep it for special occasions ^^ Do check out their website they also have some flower headbands and other pretty accessories for any occasion! Escpecially festival season ^^
The shoes are a blooming MUST! Found them in the London Primarni and was hesitated to get them to begin with, but I'm pretty sure they were only £14 and they are soooooo comfy!! They are such a statement shoe and no one can believe they are Primark when I tell them! They also do them in plain black all over as well which some people may prefer! So next time to go to this store, do check! 
How do you like to dress up a co ord? Do you like to keep the co ord simple and make the print do the talking or the more accessories the merrier?? 

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