Wednesday, 20 August 2014

City Jungle Chick

Hat // Asos
Shirt // Topshop
Waist jacket // Mango (see another option here)
Jeans // Topshop
Shoes // Missguided 
Sunglasses // Asos 

Hey guys!! 
I basically wore this outfit yesterday when I went camera shopping in London. I admit I know my photographs are not up to scratch compared to some of the top bloggers and I haven't been 100% happy with my photographs for a while now. Hopefully you will see a bigger and better difference when I pick up the Canon 700d in the next couple of  days eeee!! 

This was my outfit! I call this outfit 'City Jungle chick'. I had to take these photographs quick because ISN'T IT GETTING DARK SO QUICKLY!?! This was before 8 o clock!! Depressing much!! 
Anywho.. I love wearing bright patterned shirts, but I wanted to make the outfit look sleek and stylish at the same time. I think the waist jacket played a massive part in this look! It almost made the outfit look more grown up? Because normally I would just throw over a leather jacket or bomber jacket.  This jacket though, has been one of my favourite purchases this summer and it was in the SALEEEE! I'm normally unlucky with sale items and do have the mindset that 'sale items are sale for a reason'. I will definitely be wearing this through a/w though and the quality is spot on! I have seen other stores sell this style very similar so thats why Ive linked them. To get a rough idea on the length of this one, I'm 5ft 8, and this sits below my hips! I'm almost debating on getting an even longer one, like a waistcoat trench style jacket, but without sleeves? Ohhh its so tempting! 
One thing you may also notice is that I'm wearing a hat! Something very rare you will ever see. I'm still undecided on it to be honest. Oh the disadvantages of short hair wah!!! I think it's because I'm just not used to wearing hats so in my eyes it just looks and feels weird ha! But its a lovely size and fits nicely for me! 
The shoes are a MUST! Omg, I have worn these so much when I got kindly given them my Missguided. They are so so comfy and like that they are just a different style of flat shoe. They are quirky and also look great when you have bare legs even. I picked a size 7 and would say they are true to fit, although they are a little on the wide side. 
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  1. Love your style Laura :-) You look fab!! Those shoes are amazing & an added bonus that thay're super comfy too!!


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