Friday, 22 August 2014

Aztec and coral, what a perfect pair.

Blazer/Jacket // Missy Empire
Necklace // Topshop (old)
Top // Missguided 
Jeans // Topshop 
Shoes // Primark 


Ohh I had so much fun styling this outfit!! I first of all got given this funky blazer by Missy Empire. I LOVE the bold print and also liked the fact that it appeared long on their website. It was exactly how I pictured it , and the fit is perfect (wearing a size 10) 
I did think it would be a little challenging styling this. I didn't want to draw attention away from the jacket by pattern clashing, yet I didn't want to just wear monochrome and play safe. This blazer would also look lush with light blue jeans or acid jeans; skinny or boyfriend! In this case I wore this new shade from Topshop. You know when you are feeling stubborn and want to wear a certain item because it's new, and you will work the rest of the outfit round it? Thats how I felt with these jeans ha! 
So the jacket and the jeans went together, great start. Plus I recently bought this scuba feel bralet from Missguided which went perfect with the high waisted jeans! But then I was falling into the issue that I wanted to avoid. It was turning monochrome, and I NEEDED to add some colour. 
Thats when my secret weapon came in.. =P
Omg this bag!!! It actually has a name you know. Search 'Betsy' on their website and the bag comes in 5 colours! The last photograph I would say shows its genuine colour. I was having problems getting the shade correct in the lighting but the last photo shows that its a bold coral colour. Isn't it beautiful!?!? I'm very grateful to have received this bag, and that I was able to pick it from their new A/w collection. I do think the bag literally brightened up the whole outfit and it also helped to emphasise the bold pattern on the jacket. It helps to colour block everything to avoid all the monochrome tones from blending together. Don't get me wrong this outfit would have still looked fine without the bag, but I think if it was going to be dressed in monochrome, I would have worn the jacket with skinny black trousers and a bright clutch bag to give it a classy vibe. 
I wouldn't have wanted to have swapped the shoes though! Oh these shoes! I found them in the London Primark a few days ago and for £16, I knew I would have been a fool if I walked away without them. They are admittedly a smaller size 7 but have a feeling the 8 would have been massive otherwise, I needed the straps fitted on the smallest length because of my blooming narrow ankles dammit! 
How would you wear this blazer? What do you think of Paul's boutique newly designed bags?

x x x x 


  1. I like this, great monochrome base & a pop of colour :-)))

  2. Love this whole outfit, gorgeous pictures too!
    Alice x

  3. I love the Paul's Boutique bag I think it looks amazing and their designs have improved so so much xx

  4. Fabulous blazer! I love the bold print! It goes perfectly with your gorgeous bag! I do love a bag with a name! :)


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