Friday, 15 August 2014

Aloha Mint!

Sunlgasses // Topshop
Shoes // Topshop (similar here)
Bralet // Topshop
Bracelet // Monica Vinader
Bag // Missguided
Jeans // Topshop (search 'topshop aloha' on depop and ebay!)
Watch // Emporio Armani 


Ahh I loved this look!! Haha sorry to brag! But the outfits that just click are similar feelings to when you find a missing jigsaw puzzle. In that moment, everything feels perfect and I felt buzzing wearing this! I recently got given the mint jacket and the mint friendship bracelet. Perfect timing because, they are both MINT!...duh :P
So that was an instant match! It was just finding the rest of the items to go with this colour. I didn't want to go the monochrome route, because I felt like that was a safe option? I like my patterns and prints and I didn't want to colour block. I originally laid this outfit out on the floor and when I remembered I had the Topshop jeans, my mind, clicked! The colours went lush together! 
The blazer is a light weight material from the Holly Hagen collection on the online shop. I was worried that the colour would wash me out a little, so I did wear a bit of fake tan to keep my skin looking warm and glowing which did the job nicely. I think mint wouldn't suit my natural skin colour but if you normally apply fake tan or have naturally warm, coloured skin (and not albino like me!) then this would also suit you. I also love that this blazer can be easily worn for day or evening wear. I'm still not sure what my outfit would be classed as!?! I wore this to the blooming zoo the other day haha! I just felt summery! I suppose with the bralet it's more casual and with a blouse it could look formal? Maybe if I swapped the jeans for pale pink skinny trousers then it would be a really nice, smart look.   It's definitely something I want to keep in my wardrobe, because the length is also flattering for my height and think it's also rare to find a casual loose blazer. Normally blazers might have shoulder pads, or have a boxy fit. 
The bracelet is also so pretty! I loved that it coloured matched my blazer but it's the perfect bracelet for anyone that doesn't like wearing big statement jewellery. Its a subtle but a classy bracelet that will be unique to all your other jewellery because you can get it ENGRAVED! This is what makes this bracelet look extra special. I was so excited when I got asked to pick a colour, plate colour (I'm a sucker for rose gold) and what I would like engraved on the bracelet. I haven't got my blog name personalised on anything yet so I thought 'why not!?". I admit the engraving isn't very noticeable in the photographs because the plate has a slight bumpy surface (you will see what I mean in the photographs), meaning that the light reflected funny on it when I was taking pictures. There are other font options if you fancied something bolder or subtle! It's totally up to you I suppose, which is what makes these bracelets personal and so unique! There is also a banner advert at the top of my blog if anyone wanted to have a look at the rest of their jewellery ^^.
If there was anything I would improve to this look, I would have worn a white lace bra let instead of a jersey one? I just think it would have gone nicer with this look and made it classier I suppose? Heres an example of what I was thinking (click!) Oh, and I would have also worn a smaller white bag! I MUST have a look for a white clutch bag next time I go shopping but this or this bag would have completed the look 110% for me!
Hope everyone has had a lovely friday! 

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  1. This look is absolutely gorgeous! I love every piece so much.

    Carpe Noctems

  2. Nice Missguided Bag :)

  3. This outfit is so fun! The high waisted pants and crop top are a killer combo together :)


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