Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The festival boyfriend..

Jeans £42 // Topshop 
Shoes £30 // Topshop
Sunnies £16 // Topshop 
Necklace £8 // Boohoo
Bag £35 // Miss Selfridge  
(My god everything is in stock! Normally I have to say at least once that something has sold out ^^) 
Spoke too soon the headband is out of stock, dammit! Similar here

So today I thought I would do another festival style blog post, but a bit more boyfriend style? To be honest Ive kept it girly with the headband but Ive never used my Hayden Jeans with a festival look. Not everyone likes to wear shorts to festivals! So thought I would challenge myself with this. 
I kindly got given the top by Dainty Dolls. I chose it because I'm a sucker for tassels and NEON! This is festival all over! I admit I think I could have gone with the size down because the length was pretty long but not worry! I just tucked it into the jeans and 'puffed' it back out? If that makes sense haha! It makes a puffball look but I quite like it! It looked awesome when I gave a twirl  and adds some shape to the top instead of it being long and shapeless. 
I combined the fringing with of course, the fringed bag! Which is a must! There was a cheaper version on Asos but its sadly sold out now! Still do check because someone might have returned one but its still in stock in Miss Selfridge and think its a decent price for real leather. I love everything about it from the size of the bag to the extra long strap. It contrasted lovely with the neon tassels on the top ^^. 
I think the jeans actually looked okay with the overall look! I forget how much I loved these and they are so flattering on. I know they may not suit everyones shapes but if the Hayden Jeans aren't successful then try the Topshop 'Mom' jeans. I remember a lot of customers either going for one or the other depending on their figures. The Hayden do have a wider colour selection and 'more rips' if you like that worn out vintage look.
The shoes then colour matched the bag and would vote these some of the comfiest shoes Ive owned throughout the summer! They have lasted me well and are nice for a day out if you wanna wear shoes to give you some height, but want them to be comfy at the same time! 
I will never stop loving these sunnies. I bought them last year but there was so much demand for them that they released more for this year. I feel like such a hippy! If you can pull off the 'bug eyed' shaped sunnies then these cannot be a miss! 
Plus they look lovely with the flower garland, result! 
I would still wear shorts to a festival probably but would wear this look for a nice chilled day like a picnic or a trip into town without a doubt! I get too hot wearing jeans in the summer eek! 

x x x


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