Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Holiday outfit 3.

Top £28 // Oh my Love
Shorts £28 // Oh my Love 
Headpiece £12.50 // Ebay 
Cuff  £4.99 // Newlook 
Wedges Was £34.99 NOW £16 // Newlook 
Bag £35 // Miss Selfridge 
Sunnies £3.99 // H&M

Omg I having a total ball typing up this post listening to Tomorrowland on Youtube, listening to my favourite music whilst blogging is BLISS. I feel like I'm having my own little rave at 3am haha

The third outfit is here!! The first secret about this look, is that we shot this look twice. I was not happy at all with the first load because of one annoying issue that I will get to in a second. 
But I'm extremely happy with these photographs! Always try again if you are never happy with the shots first time round. Re do your make up. Change location. Have a break and listen to some music! You don't want any regrets.
This co ord is probably one of nicest co ords I have discovered this year! Im a sucker for palm trees and loved that it was graphic print. I haven't seen anything similar to this style nor seen any replicas. It was probably my favourite outfit to wear on holiday even!
However I'm convinced there is a fault with the top.. One of the sleeves was a lot tighter than the other? Unless my right arm is more muscly haha but it was so tight I felt like it was going to tear. I mean it was fine to wear for a nice evening meal. But I think if I wore this out then it would get torn easily! Im sure you can see in the photographs the sleeves look snug but have the feeling the 12 would have looked shapeless round the front. Besides I didn't have enough time to order a different size before holiday anyways!
Hoping its just a fault I ought to message them to be honest because it is odd!
Okay so the reason why I had to do the shoot twice was because the headpiece was a nightmare to fix into my hair. In the first shoot you can see the clips that held the chain to my scalp basically. It looked horrendous! In the end I snapped all the chains off and was left with the pendant bit. How did it stay on my forehead may you ask?.... With a blister plaster! 
That way I was able to puff up my hair with no chains getting in the way to ruin it, and the pendant stayed perfectly in place! ALL WIN 
This is the issue with short hair you see, I didn't have enough hair for the blooming chain to clip and secure in place. I was determined to have the headpiece though because I wanted to add a festival touch to the look! 
I think the aviators just complete it overall for me. Surfer, palm tree, festival chick! I didn't want to add a jacket or a kimono with this because I wanted the co ord to literally do all the talking. Apart from the fault in my top I would say its worth every penny! 

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  1. Looking gorgeous sweet! So weird about the sleeve?! Love the print of this though, you look beaut xx

  2. Love this co ord shame about the sleeves though! This blog post is just in time as I'm off to Jamaica next week, so glad I came across your blog!

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  3. love this outfit!! LOVE the bag!!

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