Monday, 16 June 2014

Tropical co ord gets festival twist ..

Kimono // Never Fully Dressed (sold out similar here)
Top £14.99 // Missguided
Shorts £14.99 // Missguided
Necklace £17.99 // Phantom Jewels
Sunglasses £16 // Topshop
Bag // Primark old
Shoes £12 // Primark
Head garland £14 // Accessorize

Hey ! 
Sometimes the best outfits can be the ones that you literally just throw together and don't put much thought into them. 
I mean thats what I thought when I wore this co ord and thought 'Ohh my white fringe Kimono will look awesome with this, Oh! And the flower garland, yes! Result!'
I mean looking at the photographs back, I think its a pretty, girly festival outfit and love the vibrant colours on the co ord.. brings back memories to when green and yellow used to be my favourite colours as a kid. The shorts come up small so I am wearing a size 12 and wearing the size 10 top (I love any tops that have adjustable straps!).
Would I wear this outfit again? I had one slight issue whilst wearing this to Starbucks and the cinema... (Can I just say 22 Jump street is brilliant!)
The kimono has 'looped' fringing on the sleeves and the bottom.. and as you can see, the shorts and top has pom pom at the bottom.. on so many occasions did the fringing hook onto the pom poms! A nightmare for when you have the urgent need for the loo and you are faffing around trying to unhook the fringing from the bobbles. 
To solve this issue all I need to do is snip the loops and just make them tassels but scared that the string would fray. 
It's probably easier if I just don't wear this combo again ^^ .
I did however enjoy wearing the garland, I never have anything in my hair! Was really nice to find a hair accessory to suit my style of hair. I did miss volumising it though! But felt like a right cute hippy! Adds to the festival look and would highly recommend. I'm sure there is one identical in Primark but because this fitted my hair and head perfectly I jumped at the one in Accessorize. 
Also really happy with the necklace I got kindly given by Phamton Jewels. Adds a touch of festival glam which is what I intended :)

My outfit for the Company Awards arrived over the weekend, well chuffed! I cannot wait to dress up and show you all ^^ Roll on Wednesday!



  1. The flower headband looks amazing in your hair, suits the cut & the colour.

  2. I have a shirt with annoying fringing like that! It gets caught on buttons of my trousers all the time. So annoying! I may have to snip them, half of them have broken and come down anyway! Love, love, love those sandals!!! x


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