Wednesday, 18 June 2014

My Tiger Kimono! featuring Heena Ayub designs, Topshop, River Island and more

Kimono £40 // Heena Ayub Designs
Top £12 // Topshop 
Jeans £40 // Topshop 
Necklace £12 // River Island
Shoes £46 // Topshop 
Bag £8 // Primark 

Heeeey !!

So if anyone follows me on Instagram I was on the hunt for a tiger printed kimono! There was a style that was released in many boutique stores across America and Australia last year but has sold out everywhere! I couldn't find anyone selling it! 
But scrolling through the hashtag kimono one day on Insta I came across this brand that had the material to make this kimono. I was thrilled! Brilliant communication and worth every penny I'm very happy with the service the company provided ^^. They do other amazing designs also and you don't have to have the kimono this long like mine, it can be adjusted :) Thankyou again guys ! 

Wanted to keep the rest of the outfit casual, so just wore my black vest and acid jeans. I adore the River Island necklace and feels really good quality also! The colours inside are marbly and go perfectly with the colours on the kimono. 

I'm also LOVING my new Topshop shoes omg these are one of my favourite ever shoes! I saw them in white originally and then found out they made them in black also! I wish I could afford both but needed shoes for the Company Style Blog awards and thought these would do the trick (my outfit for the event will be posted in a couple days time!) 

Primark are also on a serious roll with all their summer items especially their bags! Love the size of this and the value for money as always! 

So frigging excited for tomorrow! I have dyed my hair and also practised contouring my make up in these shots, ha I think there is some difference but was fun to take some extra time on my make up for a change (I can be as bad as putting my make up on on the bus!)



  1. Congratulations!!!! I just saw the Company #styleblogger results! :D well done!! xx

    Little Miss Katy | Lifestyle, fashion & Beauty

  2. Gorgeous kimono, love the shoes too. Congratulations on winning the company style awards!

    Love Emma xx


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