Tuesday, 24 June 2014

My foral Kimono.. feat Miss Pap, River Island, Topshop and more!

Kimono £24.99 // Miss Pap 
Blue Bralet £8 // Topshop
Lace top // Topshop old (similar here)
Shorts // Topshop (sold out)
Sandals £40 // River Island 
Necklaces // similar and similar 
Flower headband £14 // Accessorize (sold out) 


So I kindly got given this funky floral kimono by Miss Pap! Another one of their amazing products to add to my collection ^^ I chose this because I loved the print, and because I loved the contrast of a black background, but with a bright pattern.
The pattern is just as eye catching as it is in the photographs! Its beautiful ! I loved it being so floaty and decided to double up the fringing with my black fringe shorts. I don't care that its fringe overload, I liked it!
I also wanted to emphasise some of the colours that were on the Kimono, so I wore a blue bra let with the pale pink lace crop top ontop. The colour combo was subtle, but I think it did enough to colour match ^^ I also love the texture on the top and admittedly, I found it in the Topshop sale a year ago! Did the job nicely with the rest of the look! 
If you ever stuggle to find a massive statement necklace, or find a lot of big necklaces too expensive, then double up 2 smaller necklaces! I enjoyed making this combo and they sat really well together! I just needed to adjust the length of them and from afar, it looked like a big chunky necklace! 
The bling from the jewellery then of course, went with my metallic sandals. These I would massively recommend! They are so comfy! I have walked around on Oxford street and they have a decent heel height to them ^^ I can't wait to take these on holiday with me! 
To complete the festival look I included my flower crown! The more I wear this, the more I feel like I'm getting my moneys worth because I thought it was pricey! It does look so pretty on and doesn't mess my hair up too much =P 

You can get 10% off on Miss Pap with the discount code 'LAURA10OFF' . They are worth visiting and have some awesome clothes if you are going anywhere this summer ;) 

x x x 


  1. Ooh I'm loving the lace-tiered top. Hadn't even realised it was see-through til the closeup btu I'm a fan! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  2. Ahh I love those sandals, think I may need to invest!

  3. Love this kimono! So bright & bold, it's fab :-) Awesome post Laura - You look gorgeous!

  4. Wow we are definitely on the same page with the kimono and fringes.....love your long kimono so much! I'm have a great worldwide giveaway at my blog hope you could drop by before June 30....who knows you might get 1 of 5 gift cards worth $50 each!


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