Friday, 6 June 2014

Got that Festival Feeling! Feat Missguided, Newlook, Topshop and more !

Kimono // Missguided (currently sold out, only bought it last week!)
Fringe Top £17.99  // Missguided 
Shorts £19.99 // Newlook 
Chunky necklace // Topshop old
Shark Tooth Necklace £6.00 // Eurphoria Creations 
Sandals £40 // RiverIsland
Sunglasses £3.99 // H&M


Getting into the festival fever can't you tell? I wasn't sure about this Kimono to begin with. Loved it in the photographs but when I got it in the post, I admit I was having second thoughts. After taking photographs wearing it, I have overall fallen in love! I think the length was putting me off slightly as I don't normally like long kimonos but I think when you are wearing heels or something to give you some added extra height then I think they can be very flattering. The pattern on it is beautiful! 

The top was instant love to begin with and perfect for festival season! Ordered the size 10 and fits perfectly and also feels great quality (its suede texture, not thin or flimsy).

Thought I would add some metallic glam with the River Island sandals! These are a must! They also do them in white and was tempted to get white but thought these would look lush with a tan and I was correct! I will be getting serious wear out of these babies! 

I made the shark tooth necklace into more of choker length because I wanted to layer it with the Topshop necklace but for it to be visible. It worked! Layering necklaces this summer is essential and love that you can get away with 'the more the merrier' with accessories and clothing. 

My next mission will be to buy a head piece that actually suits short hair. This is really tricky! I cannot get away with anything heavy on my head because it flatterns my volumised hair and can also make me look very boyish! Its not like we can plait out hair or fish tail it! The only thing I can do with mine is colour it, or make it wavy like in the pics!)

I will have a looky next time I go into town ^^ 

Can I also say I am LOVING being a full time blogger. Yes at some point I will have to find work somewhere because money will eventually get tight. For now though I have DEPOP! Find me as @thepixiecut
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