Monday, 2 June 2014

Going out! Wearing Asos Tropical Print Skirt and moree..

Top £8 // Topshop
Skirt £28 // Asos 
Sandals £55 // Topshop 
Bag £6 // Primark 
Necklace // Newlook old 
Jacket // Topshop old

So Matt and I decided last minute to go out and celebrate me leaving my job (That does sound daft to celebrate leaving a job and not having anywhere else to go, but he has had to put up with my moaning for long enough!) 
So I suppose we were celebrating a fresh new beginning! If I'm trying to be optimistic ^^ 
Threw this outfit together, Ive had this skirt for roughly a month but never got round to actually wearing it. I almost considered putting it on ebay. But when I tried it on I just fell in love with this skirt all over again! 
The sizing is generous! Im always a size 10 on the bottom half but if I ever wear a stretchy skirt like this one, I go down a size. But even with the size 8 you can see that its wrinkling? I was always having to straighten it down because it was a little big and kept riding up.
The crop top is a summer essential! I also got this top when I splurged in London on friday and wished I bought it in other colours because its the perfect fit! 
The rodeo sandals Ive always loved since day 1 and are my favourite going out shoes! My feet so far haven't hurt in these and the gold straps help to add a bit of glam especially when the outfit you are wearing can feel casual. 
Purposely clashed the bag with my skirt because I purely had no other bags to go with this outfit! Did consider my mint one from Accessorize but the colours blended in too much, and I prefer to stand out with my colours ;)
I would have taken these pics on the slr outside, but these were taken at roughly 10pm, when it was dark, and drinks had already been consumed! Not sure If I could trust a tipsy Matt with a £500 camera! 



  1. I have that clutch in mint! I used it all the time while I was in Prague and it's the perfect size for going out :) xx

    Katy |

  2. These heels are amazing! You look fab :-)


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