Friday, 6 June 2014

Fringe Shorts? Err YES! feat Mombasa Rose, Topshop, Newlook and more

Top $39.99 AUD (roughly £22) // Mombasa Rose
Necklace £6 //Boohoo (sold out)
Bralet £8 // Topshop
Kimono // Topshop old (similar here)
Shorts £38// Topshop
Shoes // Ebay 
Bag // Newlook
Sunglasses £14.00 // Topshop 

Another festival look. Oh YES! 

Ive just realised Ive worn the top the wrong way round to the photo!!! I didn't even realise! I wore a black bralet underneath but love how it sits like this. You know what? I don't care ^^

I made the most of the weather yesterday. Got given this top which I am seriously LOVING (thank you again guys! The pattern is gorgeous!)
But whats also amazing about this top is that its reversible!!! I will do another blog post of the top the  other way round over the weekend because I wanted to make another look out of it (I might as well if I can use the same top twice!) 
So maybe when its reversed I will wear it the right way round ^^ Showing all the options that way!
Pretty confidant that Australian sizing is the same as Uk sizing and think £20 is standard for a pretty top. Especially when you can get more than one look out of it.

But thought of this outfit instantly and happy with the results ^^ The shorts are AMAZING! Worth every penny, I got them on my last day of using my staff card and so happy they had my size, the fit is perfect and they look so flattering on because the fringing gives the illusion of length! Something Topshop shorts can lack in these days.
Wanted to make this look a bit grungy so added the ankle boots which would be perfect to wear at the festivals that do not contain grass e.g Wireless! 
I apologise I use this bag loads! I must buy a new brown bag I'm liking these ones so far but have to see them in person to decide 1.    2.    3. 



  1. Love this outfit! Been following you since your topshop account on Instagram. Don't know how I never found you on bloglovin :-) love the blog.

  2. I love the top that way round. I'd never have known you're supposed to wear it the other way. Great outfit xx


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