Saturday, 21 June 2014

Dreaming of walking along the seafront.. featuring Kiss the Sky, Esperar, Primark and more!

Kimono £29.99 // Kiss the Sky brand, bought from Ark Clothing
Playsuit £19.99 // Esperar 
Necklace £6.99 // Esperar
Bag £17 // Accessorize (<-- similar)
Flip flops £12 // Primark
Belt is old!

Hey Guys ! 

I kindly got given this funky playsuit by Esperar fashion and its perfect for holiday! I wanted to dress it up, imagining that I was walking along the seafront, but sadly my garden is the only place I can take photographs for now! My nearest beach is Bournemouth! 
But I really enjoyed clashing prints. I don't normally but I think the cream colour on the kimono helps go well with the bold colours on the playsuit. 
The playsuit has a lovely pom pom detail! Plus I'm also loving the paisely/aztec (I cannot decide which style of pattern its more suited to, its a lovely random mixture!) style print and have already received compliments on my Instagram about this. If you aren't a fan of these colours, then there is the same style playsuit but in orangey, yellow colours instead :)
Got given the size 12 and was happy with the sizing however the shorts are high rise at the sides? It meant I had to wear black little shorts underneath because my bum would have been on show otherwise! I guess this would also be a great cover up for the beach so you could get away with the gibble showing then ^^ But for now, little hot pants or a long kimono does the trick nicely with this lovely number. 
Also thought the necklace coincidently went nicely with the whole look and added some beach glam to my outfit. It also went well with the crystals on my flips flops! 
I do blooming love the kimono though and have been wanting it for ages! I just love elephants! The colour means I can wear it with any black items and will also help to brighten up any dark outfits. 

You can get 15% off Esperar with the discount code 'PIXIE15'. Do have a looky they have a nice range of festival and holiday clothing and communication is great! 

Want to make the most of this extra long day (its the longest day of the year) by hopefully typing up another blog post, run 10k (trying to get back into long distance running again), and also have to pick the boyfriend up from Heathrow Airport! 
Hope your day will be just as productive as mine! ^^ 

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