Sunday, 25 May 2014

White jeans Kimono day ..

Kimono £38 // Topshop
Jeans £36 // Topshop 
Top £14.99 // Missguided
Necklace £4? // Primark 
Sandals £55 // 'Rodeo' Topshop
Bag // Next Old
Bracelets // NewLook and My Luna 

Hey hey!

I can now say I'm not a white jean virgin anymore. 21 years it has taken me to wear white jeans! 
I still don't know what to think of them..these ones especially. I bought the Joni purely because they are high waisted and most of my other pairs are Joni too, I just love the fit of them. 
But be warned, because they aren't a thick, tough, denim material, these bad boys.. are see through!!! 

You have to be so careful with what undies you wear because even if you wore nude I bet in some lighting they would be noticeable!
But I LOVE the Kimono and top! It was nice to try out wearing a long one for a change. Don't think I would feel comfortable wearing a long kimono with flats because my torso is longer than my legs! I may be tall but my legs can appear so stumpy! Also thought £38 for this was really affordable, knowing what Topshop prices are like! I would have definitely said £50 plus just looking at it !

Think the top is a steeeaaaal.  Perfect to dress up and love the wrap detail. I didn't want to wear a black standard cami and think it made the outfit look jazzy and stylish. 

Apologies if some of the photographs appear out of was my boyfriend taking them this time! This has been his second time being my photographer as its normally my mum. Still think he did a pretty good job ^^ If I hated them that badly I wouldn't be showing you lot!

x x x x 


  1. I've had the exact same problem with these jeans! Still love them though.

  2. I love the kimono, wish I could pull of white jeans!!


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