Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Istanbul lookbook- Outfits and Street Photography feat Newlook, Topshop, Asos and more

Hey all! 

So if you follow me on Insta you would know that I have been to Istanbul! I went friday morning and stayed for 4 nights.  Apologies that most of these outfits are taken with the digital camera, and in a bedroom, but thought that was better than taking no photographs at all!  I went to Istanbul with my boyfriend and his parents (his dad is Turkish).  It was pretty tricky to take professional photographs when always on the move but hope that my outfits give you some ideas on what items you can wear when going to Turkey, and/or any countries where covering up is more the respectable thing to do.  Warning!  Lots of tropical clothing was taken and witnessed in Turkey ^^ Dare to go statement!

Top / Asos old 
Necklace / H&M
Bag £6 / Primark 
Shoes £30 / Topshop (link in the last outfit)

Wore this for the first night out. Did cover my shoulders with a standard leather jacket. I just think that if you do have to cover up, you might as well dress funky or classy ^^ it can be limiting, but then there are loads of patterned or statement trousers out there so it doesn't feel half as bad when dressing up.  Especially love the colours on these trousers and would wear these out in England also. The only downer when dressing up in statement clothes is that yes, you are going to stand out, and wearing statement clothes out in Turkey (or any traditional/religious country) can also make you appear a wealthy tourist?  So you may get the wrong attention that way with people pestering you for money, or trying to sell you things. 

Typical day outfit.

Sandals £6 / Primark
Acid denim shirt / Primark old
Sunglasses / Topshop old 

I wore this out on the first day in Istanbul, and went to the Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque)! It was 25 degrees that day and was pretty warm.  I basically wore this standard outfit most days but mixed and matched items.  I basically wore jersey trousers in the day (I have more than one pair of harem trousers ^^), a floaty top and covered up the shoulders with a baggy denim shirt.  As much as I wanted to be happy in what I wore, I cannot stand feeling hot and bothered, but this outfit is a perfect example if anyone goes to Turkey in the summer, and wants to cover up when visiting the local markets/town. 

Shoes £45 / Asos (sold out) 
Turquoise necklace/earrings / From the Grand Bazaar 

Why wear trousers every evening when you can wear a jumpsuit!?  I friggin love this one because I am loving palm tree print this summer and you cannot go wrong with this price!  £22.99 for a top and bottom basically!  Wore the size 12 because I find that Newlook isn't always generous with their sizing and fits perfectly. Especially loving my new Turkish jewellery that I bought in the Grand Bazaar and know I will get lots of wear out this with all my festival clothing.

Mint Clutch bag £17 / Accessorize (sold out online)
Leather Jacket / Topshop old
Top / Asos old

Admittedly bought these trousers out in Istanbul in our local shopping centre.  The print also comes in a cami top, dress, shirt and jumpsuit!  I was drawn to the clashing red and mint colours and when I saw it, I just knew it would work with my Accessorize mint clutch.  Wore this for the last evening where I ate Iskender (its like a fancy kebab but mixed with tomato sauce, and served with pitta bread and yoghurt, the combo is lovely!) 

Being to one of the main Turkish cities has just got me excited to go back there again in July but to a Beach resort!  It has just geared me up to focus looking for bikinis, kimonos, and shoes...lots of shoes! 

Okay so if you want to see some street photography (things I got up to and captured) scroll down, I wanted to keep it separate to my outfits ^^ 
But I hope you enjoyed reading! Happy to be back in England and carry on with my Insta and blogging because I only had wifi in the hotel (addicted much d'oh!) 

Me at the Grand Bazaar

Colourful soap ^^ They almost looked edible! 

Baklava - a sweet pastry made of layers of filo pastry filled with chopped nuts and sweetened, then held together with syrup or honey. 

Turkish lanterns, would love these for my garden! 

Turkish delight 

Some might like this food at 3am after a night out, but these fellas love it all day long! ^^ 

Policeman on his phone, standard. 

'Try my cheese! Would you like to try my cheese?'

Aladdin's lamp! Loads of them! 

This poor cat, the owner of the fish stall did give it some food after I took this shot, but I think it was so ill that it had no appetite and just stared at the food in front of him :( 

Beautiful Mosque surrounded by the hustle and bustle of Turkish traffic. 

On the 3rd day we went out on a boat! Was able to sit at the front whilst the boat was going over the waves ha sounds cheesy but was pretty awesome and a highlight to the trip. 



  1. Fab pics! I love your collection of printed trousers! The red and mint ones are gorgeous xx

    Katy |

  2. Oh wow, it looks amazing! My parents loved Istanbul when they went :D
    I love your outfit choices as well, you have great style :D

    also congrats on being shortlisted!

  3. Wow! Istanbul looks amazing! I love all your outfits; they are just all so summery and pretty!
    Congrats on being short listed! Xxx


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