Sunday, 18 May 2014

Feeling like, Pocahontas! feat: Kate Moss clothing, Missguided and more..!

Dress £75 // Kate Moss at Topshop (bought mine of ebay!) 
Jacket £39.99 / Missguided 
Bali Fringe Boots £38 // Topshop 
Necklace and Earrings // From Grand Bazaar, Istanbul
Sunglasses £3.99 // H&M
Bag £19.99 // H&M 

Can I just point out how much fun it was to take photographs in a forest!!! Was so nice to have a change of scenery to my front drive or garden! Wanted to make the extra effort with this designer dress so I hope you like the scenery as much as I do ^^ 

We never got this dress at the Topshop I work at, and it sold out instantly online, so had to search on Ebay to find it. Was able to get it for £15 more than the original price (some have been going for over £120, so I was pretty chuffed!) 
Was debating to go down a size since most people that I spoke to on Insta said it is oversized. I vary from a size 10/12 on the top half and ordered a 10 and fits perfectly ! Wouldn't have wanted it any smaller or bigger however I am a little gutted by how short this is! You wouldn't know, but I'm actually wearing white shorts underneath this dress because I can definitely not bend over in this beauty! Dammit!
Knew the dress would go amazing with my fringe jacket and I absolutely LOVE THIS! I think this will be my favourite jacket through the summer (normally a size 12 in Missguided jackets but wearing a 10).
Also really chuffed with the sunglasses, I HATE shopping for sunnies! I especially love some of the funky ones that are around at the moment but I feel pathetic trying sunglasses on by myself with the thoughts of 
'Do these look too over the top?'
'Was those group of girls behind me, me!?'
and my biggest thought..
'How bug BUG EYED?!'
'..maybe try cat eyes instead Laura..nope! This is not happening!'

Aviators however, especially these with the blue, pinky tint are lovely! The price is nearly as good as Primark and they are UV protected! Bonus!

The fringe boots are also some of the comfiest shoes I officially own.. but did figure out later on that they are a nightmare to drive in (not much grip on the bottom!)

Was anyone else able to get hold on any Kate Moss clothing?


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