Thursday, 29 May 2014

Boring Blazer? Pfft As if! Feat River Island, Boohoo, Asos and more..!

Jacket £50 // River Island
Top £16 // Boohoo
Necklace // Glace House Jewellery (given)
Bag £6 // Primark 
Bracelets £2 // Primark 
Skirt £15? // Primark 
Shoes £45 // Asos (sold out!)

Hey hey! 
Even my Blazers are patterned! Oh Yah!!

The weather has been pretty foul this week. Was luckily able to take these shots this evening before it got dark and used my tripod because I had no Mum or Matt to be my photographer (hence why i'm not centred in some of them ha) 
Had this vision of this outfit for a while and luckily it worked. I admit I wanted to use my mint clutch bag but it sadly blended into the skirt too much. I know a white or yellow bag would have gone great with this but I do not own Newlook so this red clashing bag had to do!

Think the necklace goes with the blouse and jacket so well! Love the pastel colour and feels really good quality compared to some jewellery Ive bought even in high street stores ^^ 

Still undecided to keep this jacket because Ive had this for a month now.. and this is the first time Ive worn it..for a mere 15 minutes to take these pictures. Think that says something although I LOVE the print and the colours. I'm normally not a blazer person so maybe this is why I haven't got much wear out of it. But then it could be because Its a River Island item and I would get a bollocking ofc if I wore this to work ! Oops! 

Its my last shift tomorrow! There was no need for me to add that haha but I cannot contain my excitement to spend more time on things like this! 

x x x x



  1. Gorgeous blazer! Definitely keep it. I'd wear it casual with skinny jeans and a tucked in white tshirt and ballet flats. Oh and I love your contrasting bag. Works perfectly! :) xx

    Katy | Little Miss Katy

  2. Oh definitely keep that jacket! It's gorgeous and really suits you! Love this outfit xxx

  3. I just bought the same blazer yesterday and the matching skirt! I love it! Then again I work in RI so I'm safe to wear it ;) X


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