Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Topshop Haul! Tropical, floral prints and I made my own tee shirt!

Hello peeps!
So I went to London Saturday and was pretty mean to my boyfriend. He stayed in Topshop with me for 2 hours (he didn't want to shop anywhere else without me I swear!). 
He knew what he was getting himself into, and doesn't mind the Eat cafe downstairs my god that is a life saver for any boyfriend being dragged around shops, and they have wifi - he survived!

Just about! 

But it was a successful shop and Topshop will never let me down. 

Will start with the jewellery 

Palm Tree Necklace £16.50 / Click! 
This was an instant love when I came across it for my Tropical post I did a couple weeks back. I'm loving anything palm tree print at the moment and needed some new chunky necklaces so this was perfect! 
Will go great for adding bling to any plain jersey top or just as lovely around the collar of a plain or patterned blouse.
Its also a nice feature that the chain is silver and the pendants are gold, so I now I don't feel guilty to mix gold and silver when wearing this ^^ 

Ottoman Hands Flower drop earrings (cannot find online click here for site) 

Okay I will admit I wouldn't have gone for something like this straight away, its not really my taste in jewellery but i genuinely LOVE them. I had a look at the stand because my boyfriend is half Turkish and he was intrigued to see Turkish inspired jewellery in Topshop! I do think their jewellery is on the pricey side but the quality does show and they have some great festival pieces that I would happily wear. The earrings are dainty and will be perfect to wear when I go to Istanbul on Friday yay! 

Moving onto shoes... 

'Heavenly' Two part wedges £30 / Click! 

I already have these in black and I kid you not these are soooo comfy! It just made sense to get them in pink (when I don't normally wear pink! It just seemed like the right thing though ^^).
These would look fabulous with light skinny or boyfriend fit jeans, a white jersey and statement kimono!  Normally I don't make the shoes the statement piece or wear anything bright on my feet so these will be a fun challenge to dress up.

Floral Shirt Playsuit £36 / Click!

You know when you want to make something work and you start to loose hope of this mission. This is what I sadly think with this. I think this playsuit is so pretty and girly and would love to make this edgy with a leather fringe jacket and ankle suede boots. But I didn't try it on in the fitting room and bought a size 10 (which bare in mind sometimes the 10 is normally too snug somewhere) but in actual fact it is too big. The elasticated waist was very generous but the biggest issue I have with this is that its way too short. I would try the size 8 on and know it would probably fit perfectly, but it wouldn't be practical for work or even days out purely because of the length. Shame. If they make this in Tall then I will buy this again without a doubt. But I'm 5 ft 8 and would not be able to bend over in this!

Tropical Seamed Bralet £12 / Click!

Instant love for this little beauty! I have the same bralet in black which Ive used for a previous post and looks great with anything high waisted so to have a patterned top in this style in a bonus. I normally hate buying tops and don't get much of a thrill purchasing tops but do love this one (probably because of the price!) and will look great with my black ripped joni jeans and denim shirt. 

Crinkle Flower Split top £24 / Click! 

I'm still undecided on this! We had it in my local store for a while and thats when my interest grew but then it sold out, and I was a little but gutted..but then I saw it in London so jumped at the chance and bought it. I gambled and bought the size 12 hoping it would be an alright fit, and I could get away with wearing it but you know when you want something a little more fitted? The white version (click!)  has now come into store so I'm tempted to exchange it for that one in a size 10 but do prefer the green just because its a unique colour and would look lush with my blonde hair. If its meant to be its meant to be I suppose! 

'Live in Print' make your own vest top £32 double sided by the YR store / Click!

This was so cool to do (and gave my boyfriend a new toy to play with haha). This kiosk was always in Topman but I never got round to looking in there but they have now moved downstairs with all the other concessions and I would happily go there again! They have massive touch screen computers for you to design your own t shirt or vest from a wide range of backgrounds, shapes, writing, images etc to play with. I especially liked the feature to add a filter to the main background, so in this case I added a filter to the palm tree background to make the colour brighter and more eye popping.
The only thing I could criticise (and this is my fault for not knowing), but order a size UP!!! 
I choose a medium thinking its a multi gender brand and the Medium would be maybe a slightly baggy fit which I wanted but its turned out really small! I can just about wear it but I do feel like a Hooters girl wearing it and sadly the material isn't so stretchy. I am not letting my own creation just sit in my wardrobe so a blog post will be up soon! And just gives me an excuse to go back there again and design a better and bigger fitted vest! 
You can also get 10% student discount so for under £30 I thought this was worth it and you will literally not get this anywhere else! (Don't u dare copy me now haha) 


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