Thursday, 10 April 2014

Pretty Little Thing VIP blogger competition

Okay so I thought I'd give this a go since the winner of this is able to style their own shoot and takes over their blog for 4 weeks (oh em gee!!!) 

So to enter I have to feature my favourite outfit thats on their website, sounds exciting. Gives me an excuse to have a browse and maybe even find items for next months wish list. 

Loving the new web layout its like Prettylittlethings have had a spring clean ^^ 

Right lets have a look at the dresses.. * 5 minutes later* Ahh there is so many to choose from! My weakness is bright colours and bold patterns and right now I am undecided! 


Right Im picking this beauty! This is my chosen outfit 

Links are below if anyone is tempted by these items like I am! 

Dress // Sandals // Clutch // Blazer // Earrings 
I was automatically drawn to the dress! Daisy Print is so girly and think the colour is perfect whilst pastel colours are still around for Spring/Summer. If I was to dress it without the white blazer I would have added a light denim shirt ontop for layering or would have tied it around the waist. But you could easily wear this dress without layering, why cover up such an amazing print?

The sandals are described white but they look off white in the photo? Which is why I added the beige coloured clutch because the colours go together nicely, especially with the white blazer. 

I wanted to keep jewellery simple so I chose these earrings because they are subtle for either long or short hair and doesn't look over the top with the rest of the outfit. It just looks like you are making a little more effort than usual perhaps ;) 

Think this outfit would be perfect for a date? Picnic? Day trips out? The sandals are suited for plenty of walking! 
I just love that this dress is easy to dress up or down so you could wear this for so many occasions and for £25, I really don't think you could go wrong with this =D 

Hope you like this! 

 x x x x


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  1. Like the clutch :) M&MFASHIONBITES


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