Thursday, 17 April 2014

Palm Tree lovin' feat Missguided and More

Sunlgasses / Topshop old
Belt / Riverisland (came with trousers) 

Don't know why but today and yesterday I really haven't been feeling great? I almost feel hungover but obviously haven't drank, so feeling achy, shaky, hot and cold temperates, and headachy? It feels worse in the evenings...after Ive typed this i'm going to bed! 

Its not bad enough for me to stay in bed all day though. So I was able to take these shots, but admittedly it did feel harder work than usual to get into it..but I am happy with the photographs ^^

If you follow my Instagram you should know I am LOVING Palm tree print. Anything Palm tree print is just amazing in my eyes right now, and remember guys, its only APRIL. So goodness knows what will be round the corner nearer to summer ahh! Its very exciting.
Especially loving this shirt because its cropped and monochrome. I can't wait to brighten this up with a yellow crop tee and then wear the blouse loose, but for now I wanted to make it more spring daywear. Ordered it in a size 12 when I vary from 10/12 and the 12 fits fine! It is more cropped than I expected it to be but still easy to wear ^^ 
The Hayden Jeans I would also recommend! They have stretched a little bit but thats only because the denim was really non stretchy (yes the denim felt stiff!) to begin with. But I would happily buy this style in other colours they are my favourite boyfriend jeans right now and very true to size. 
The sandals? They have sold out in nearly every size for a reason. Easy to walk in, comfy, and I get compliments in them every time I wear these beauties! 
I would have taken a close up of the belt but to be honest, its looking battered and really worn out! The leather is worn away on the sides from tightening it and thought it was best just to show the belt from afar ;) 

Hope I'm well enough (and hope the sun is out more) to post more photographs tomorrow! 

x x x x


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