Tuesday, 8 April 2014

OOTD Gotta love Carpet Print! Feat Topshop and more!

Sunglasses £16 / Topshop old 

I pretty much made this outfit on the floor for my insta the other day but wanted to show you guys what it's like on and trust me, the skirt looks even better in person! 
Basically got this outfit idea when I was helping a Visual Merchandiser at work put new clothes on a mannequin for our new 'Folk' trend and then ended up buying the whole outfit! 
The top is see through! Because it does have holes all the way round it! I am wearing a cream cami top underneath but if you feel confidant with just a white or nude colour bra underneath, then this should also work. 
With the skirt I went down a size and always do with the midi skirts at Topshop because I find them an awkward length otherwise. I would rather it smaller and shorter in length even if it does ride up to look like a mini at times! 
Can't wait to wear this outfit when I go to Istanbul next month I'm sure the Turks will love me making the effort with carpet pattern ^^ 

Another blog post very soon determined to make a routine of this =D 




  1. I am constiently on your instagram looking at the new topshop styles that you are showing and laaaaav it, so when i saw you had a blog i had to follow you
    I would love for you to check out my blog and follow me:) xoxo


  2. Great outfit - You look awesome! Love the skirt :-)

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