Thursday, 24 April 2014

Oh Asos! Elephant print co ord! Enough said.

Elephant print blazer £35 / Asos  (co ord is also in petite and curve!)
Sunglasses £18 / Topshop (see similar)
Sandals £28 / Topshop  (brown currently sold out online) 
crop cami top / Topshop last year (see similar) 

Hey all! 
This is probably one of the best co ords I have seen and purchased. I first saw it on Instagram when someone took a photograph of it from the new Asos mag. Automatically knew it was going to be a statement piece and would look amazing on, and in my wardrobe.
I'm scared its going to turn into one of those items where, you love it sooooo much, you are almost scared to wear it loads, incase you ruin or it make it worn out. Its the worst feeling ever wearing clothes to its grave! But then at least you had a good time wearing them hopefully! (When I see bobbles on my clothes its the most heartbreaking thing ever).

For sure I will be taking this to Turkey in July..Would take it to Istanbul next week but the shorts would lead to a bad reaction, so maybe may have to separate the 2 and only take the blazer ^^. 

Folk prints are very in trend at the moment and especially loving the little pom poms on the shorts to give it that boho edge. 
I'm also pleased that the sizing was also spot on for me, I'm wearing size 10 in the jacket and shorts. The shorts are generous around the waist but would know for sure that the 8 would have not gone past my hips so its always nice not having to return, then wait for refund, then buy again etc!

Accessorised these up with the cute brown bag and matching brown sandals. If anyone has bought these sandals yet from Toppers hold onto the receipt! I have only worn these twice and sadly one of the screws on the buckle is coming loose meaning that the strap comes apart! So hopefully I can swap these tomorrow and hope it was just a one off faulty product. 
Also very happy with the necklace wanted a chunky statement necklace for festival wear (wannabe going to a festival that is..) and love that this jingles and goes nicely with the look! 

Happy with the photographs, especially happy with the outfit and the clothes, and happy thats it's payday tomorrow! Very smiley right now =D 

Post soon! 
x x x x x x


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  1. I'm obsessed with elephants and LOVE this two-piece. You look so lovely <3 X


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