Tuesday, 15 April 2014

My Coachella edit; outfit inspo and dress like the celebs! feat Missguided, Asos, Topshop, River Island and tons more!

So right now, as I'm typing this, Coachella has just had their first weekend of their spring festival in the Colorado Dessert. 
The chances of me ever going to this is pretty slim, and the closest to ever feeling the excitement, is admiring all the Coachella fashion. 

Its the prefect time for any celeb or party gooer to dress for the one of the biggest festivals in the world. No pressure then for VIP and the famous who constantly get papped. 
But a lot of them dress as they please by showing their inner festival animal (however I'm not digging Katy Perry's green hair *gulp*) 
So yes, that doesn't mean everyone is looking amazing...

I wanted to gather some images that I've come across via the net and try and find similar or the exact images to try and pull off the 'Coachella look'. 

Love this dressed down look by Beyonce. Its easy to wear and would look great with cut out ankle boots or heeled sandals. Also love that this look could be worn for nearly any day wear occasion and it doesn't just have to be for a festival (some festival outfits are pretty out there!) 

I am sort of questioning if Poppy is getting hot in a leather jacket?! But think this look would be awesome for a pool party and then adding the leather jacket for the evening. Its a very edgy look and not sure if I would 100% wear this, but if you are the right frame and build for this (or confidant to pull off hot pants) I think this could look brilliant if you want to wear black, but not feel 'covered up and wintery'. 

Absolutely love this look! I know the shorts are slightly different to what she is wearing but floral denim shorts are tricky to find right now! The ones I've picked would also work as they are both patterned and she doesn't seem fussed to clash prints. 
I've also concluded that she has the best festival bod and is my summer inspo to get abs like hers (pfft yeah right Laura!)

So if I was to go to Coachella I would wear either one of the combos but a Kimono/blazer would have to be added (can't get enough of the floaty materials) 

I was NOT meant to come across this beautiful co ord oh my days I NEED this! I remember seeing it in the Asos catalogue a while back and wondering when it would be released online. Well its finally on there. Whilst I'm broke *sob* 
Looking at Coachella outfits I get the impression people dress either really extreme, or very minimal. So this would be my outfit for being over the top. The co ord is a statement and decided to also go with printed tribal wedges to go with the folk trend and the necklace just helps add bling to the festival outfit. Sadly though, I don't think I could pull off the pink sunnies, but they would look amazing on some! 

Wanted to make more of a girlier outfit, but keened out the accessories by layering up necklaces, and adding a ring and brown sunnies. Love how the sunnies match the tan boots and added the Pineapple backpack because I just think its funky as! I definitely feel the Coachella vibes when looking at this outfit design. 

Both outfits can be worn in England though for festival season. Apparently we are set for a 6 week scorcher...believe it when I see it, but so far the sun seems to be refusing to go! If you want to see more Coachella inspo, then I would highly recommend Pinterest ;) 

Hope this post is getting people excited for festival season, anyone going to festival this year? 

Holiday is more my priority for 2k14 ^^ 




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