Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Kimono time! feat Coco Gypsy, Topshop and Newlook

Kimono $49.99 Australian Dollars ( roughly £27!) / Coco Gypsy
Top £38 / Topshop 
Shorts £30 / Topshop (see similar)
Necklace £16.50 / Topshop 
Sunnies £18 / Topshop (sold out online)
Wedges / NewLook old (see similar
Bag £9.99 / Newlook 

I literally came across this kimono when searching for kimono inspiration on Insta. Someone was wearing this and had to ask where it was from and luckily they responded, and thats how I ended up with it! It did put me off a little bit that it was Australian based but when I converted the dollars to pounds it really reassured me to get it (because dollars look more expensive than pounds first looking at it!) The tracking is also free in the shipping (and shipping is $7.99... roughly a fiver!) 
They were really kind to also send me a gorgeous skirt purely because the Kimono was sold out online and someone had to travel to one of the stores selling this kimono to send it to me. There was no need guys, but thank you again! ^^  Post will be up when its more summery!
But the photographs above is literally how I would wear this on holiday. The pattern is bold and summery which I love and think it looks great with the textured top and matching necklace and sunnies. 

Apologies that Ive used this bag now 2 times running. I promise my next purchase will be a bag Ive was looking through my wardrobe and felt like nothing else went better with this apart from this bag! 


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