Sunday, 6 April 2014

How I dress UP and dress DOWN the Warehouse Jumpsuit plus alternatives! feat Topshop Asos, and more!

Hello my lovelies!
I was all geared up to take the canon outside this weekend and its been so cloudy and dull! 
But starting next week I'm shortening my hours at Toppers which means more time to get outside to shoot and more time to blog (because at the moment I feel like I'm blogging at silly hours in the middle of the night, or on a sunday evening, like now!)

So me and the fella went for drinks on Saturday and when something is a last minute plan, and the legs are bare, I thought the jumpsuit from Warehouse (£42, click here) would be perfect to wear! 

This is the first jumpsuit I have ever purchased. The reason why its taken so long to buy one is because I feel too covered and had a bad experience in the past trying one on, and just concluded that I didn't have the right shape to suit one. 
The difference with this one is that it's floral patterned, and its a jersey material. Its so comfy and fits in all the right places. I'm normally a size 10-12 all over and bought this in the 8 because its so stretchy. 

So this is how I wore it out for drinkies... 

Clutch bag (old) / Next 
(this site has some gorgeous statement necklaces if you want something different from the high street) 

Would also recommend the Topshop blazer. Yes it is smart and the material is a weird plasticy texture (according to the description its mostly cotton, it definitely doesn't feel it, and its dry clean only) but I just love that its a feminine shape and girly with the wavy trim at the bottom. 

Because the jumpsuit is mostly black, you could get away with wearing nearly any colour if mint wasn't a choice. Pale pink blazer would look lovely or even a white or cream blazer if you aren't a fan of going too daring in colour. 

If you wasn't wearing a jacket and wanted to focus more on accessories, then I think either a white, or yellow bag would look amazing! If yellow shoes were too much, I would wear either turquoise, white, or nude sandals/wedges.

Yellow Accessories to brighten up the Jumpsuit;

Alternatives if yellow isn't your cup of tea (left to right);

HALFPENNY Heeled Sandals £45 / Asos (ordered these cannot wait!!!!) 

So this is an example on how to dress DOWN the jumpsuit. This would be something I would wear to work, or out to the shops. 

Pink Chain Necklace £4 / Primark 

The Topshop bomber jacket was previously on their graphics for their SS14 collection and I instantly fell in love. Its a sleek sport luxe statement jacket that will be suitable for many outfits because its monochrome. 
Other ways to make this outfit more casual is to wear a cropped thin knit jumper on top? That way it would give the illusion that you're wearing high waisted trousers. If you still want to show the whole jumpsuit, then a leather jacket would work (doesn't have to be black) or even a boyfriend style coat would also do the trick! 

In love with all these slip on trainers right now, have to admit, they aren't the comfiest when breaking them in, but its seriously worth it and its a nice change to not be wearing converse all the time! 

The best places for these slip on trainers at the moment in my opinion are Asos and Topshop. However if you are looking for something comfier or an alternative, these three would also go;

Left to Right;

Hope this was useful for some! How would you wear a jumpsuit? Seen any you have liked the looky




  1. ahh I love both ways you styled it but if it was a life or death situo and I had to choose I'd pick the dressed up as my favourite :D xx

  2. Love both outfits here chick. Love how you've turned up the trousers on your jumpsuit too - looks really cool. Awesome read! Love your blog.


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